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Galaxkey Ltd, the leading provider of enterprise-grade encryption software, is delighted to announce its new partnership with Shield 7 Consulting. Shield 7 is now an esteemed partner of Galaxkey, which enables them to sell and promote the revolutionary encryption software within the USA. With this strategic partnership, Shield 7 customers get unrivalled data security and user-friendly features that are essential for efficient operations in the digital age.

Galaxkey’s technology provides organizations with full visibility and control of their data during all stages of its lifecycle by encrypting it at rest and in transit. Through this partnership, users can be assured of fully secure communication channels via email or the cloud. It also enables users to easily audit communications between different departments or external stakeholders within an organization. By combining Galaxkey’s secure encryption software with Shield 7’s expert consulting services, organizations can gain access to industry-leading security solutions that help them stay one step ahead.

Randhir Shinde, CEO at Galaxkey, said of the partnership,

“At Galaxkey, we’re committed to ensuring that our clients have the best possible protection for their sensitive data. This partnership is a major step forward in our mission to provide unrivalled encryption services. We’re delighted to partner with Shield 7, a company with an incredible reputation for their consulting services, and we’re confident that this collaboration will provide many benefits to our shared customer base.”

Echoing these sentiments, Galaxkey Chair, Sir George Zambellas, added,

“We have always emphasized the need for strong partnerships to support our growth and expansion. Partnering with Shield 7 enables us to reach even more businesses in need of advanced and dependable encryption software solutions. It’s a great pleasure to see two industry leaders joining hands to drive innovation and security in the digital realm.”

Both leaders are looking forward to the benefits this strategic partnership will offer to existing and new customers, promising an enhanced user experience, while taking data security to new heights.

While the enthusiasm from Galaxkey’s leadership is palpable, Shield 7, the strategic partner in this venture, is equally keen to share its perspective on the new partnership. The CEO of Shield 7, Michael Spinosa, also provided his insights into the union of these two industry-leading entities.

Michael said,

“Partnering with Galaxkey allows us to further ensure that are customers continue to leverage world class products to secure their most valuable assets; people and technology. By partnering with Galaxkey we’re able to fill a critical void in the security landscape that is often overlooked. This product coupled with our focus on delivering exceptional professional services is a win for the North American market as a whole.”

In conclusion, the strategic partnership between Galaxkey and Shield 7 signifies a new era in digital security. The combination of Galaxkey’s high-grade encryption services and Shield 7’s consulting acumen is set to create a formidable force against data breaches and security threats. Organisations across the USA can expect a more robust, seamless, and secure experience in handling their sensitive data.

Galaxkey and Shield 7 extend their gratitude to their clients for their continuous support and assure them of a renewed commitment to providing cutting-edge encryption and consulting services. As we move forward, Galaxkey and Shield 7 are excited to continue leading the way in securing digital communication channels and protecting sensitive data.

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Galaxkey is a leading provider of encryption software, securing communication channels and protecting sensitive data for organisations all over the world.

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Shield 7 is an engineering first cybersecurity firm that only delivers world class products and solutions to it’s clients.

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