Galaxkey is an easy to use email and document encryption platform that is fast growing.  It grows organically and is available on many platforms. One such platform is googlemail or Gmail and Google docs so that you can securely store all of your Google documents on-line without any concern that unauthorised users can gain access to your documents and email.

Galaxkey works with gdrive encrypting any file or document in gdrive making it much more secure

Even the service provider will not be able to decrypt and access your content or documents, because only you have the key to your data.

Why this is better than what Google will give me?

The google encryption platform is not yet ready for prime time and when it is people are concerned that it’s not independent enough. If you are in the US your data can be accessed by the government and you should have no issue with this if you have nothing to hide. However people have the right to privacy and you might not be in the US so then why should you allow a foreign government to access your data.

Galaxkey protects your privacy and data and keeps your information secure, making it easy for you to collaborate with users on other platforms.