14 December 2015

Today Galaxkey has released the German Windows Galaxkey version.  The German addition of Galaxkey for Windows will further support our German Galaxkey users.

As of today the German version will be available to download and utilise. German versions for all mobile clients will follow shortly (Please keep an eye out for this!)

Germany, like other countries within the EU, are taking data security very seriously.  The inevitable increase in cyber threats and the changing data laws on a European level is bringing about transformations in the way individuals and businesses approach security of their data.

Additionally, on a national level, Germany have recently updated their national act with the new IT Security Law, which aims to increase security of Information Technology Systems and regulate cybersecurity practices in Germany. This new directive recognises the importance of cybersecurity as a core element of security and aims to improve IT security for German organisations and citizens alike. The new IT Security Law also amends several other laws (some specific regulations are directed at telecommunication sectors).

For Germany the internet has become a critical infrastructure and must be an environment that is available, safe to use and secure.  Cyber attacks on Germany are heightened and these types of attacks are often undertaken by exceedingly professional hackers with abundant resources.  Cybersecurity is a necessity.  The availability of the internet and the integrity, authenticity and confidentiality of data are important areas that Germany aims to satisfy.

The new law foresees the possibility of substantial monetary fines if the law is violated. In summary the law stipulates criteria around:

  • Conforming to a minimum set of security requirements
  • Implementing appropriate organisational and technical safeguards
  • Undertaking procedures to readily demonstrate that security requirements are being conformed to (security audits and certifications)
  • Designating a point of contact
  • Protecting user data
  • Notifying an incident and reporting on an incident (where availability, integrity, authenticity, confidentiality have failed)


Galaxkey is a fitting solution to secure data.  It can ensure that data upholds its integrity, authenticity and confidentiality.  With the Galaxkey solution now available in German, the already comprehensive and easy to use solution has gone a step further to aid German users in realising the full advantages of the solution.