London, November 13, 2015

A research institute of a premier college in London has selected Galaxkey to assist in addressing their security requirements with regards to encryption of email communications and content as well as secure file transfer. With the support and facilitation of PSTG, Galaxkey partner, the project was successfully deployed.

The institute has numerous partners, including pharma companies and the NHS. They communicate extensively, with their partners, via email and these email exchanges often include sensitive information and often traverse global sites.

“Communications and sharing of pseudonymised data traversing the institutes global sites is secured using Galaxkey allowing for this indirectly identifiable data to be secured and in so doing preventing any potential compromise of this data which could lead to further compromise of additional data down the line.” – IS Technical Services Manager for the institute

Moreover, the institute requires HIPAA to meet compliance due to the sensitive data that they handle.  Galaxkey provides HIPAA compliance.

Galaxkey enables the institute to collaborate faster and standardises the manner in which researches send and receive data, reducing the risks associated with working through remote sites and with sensitive data.

Data privacy and security is a growing concern for organisations and it has become top priority for many organisations of every type and within every sector to adopt solutions to address this.   Businesses are finding it a necessity to maintain privacy and security of their communications and data.  Strong solutions from innovative and supportive providers is essential to achieving this.

Professional Services Technology Group (PSTG), established in 2010, is an independent IT solutions broker and Partner to Galaxkey.  Based in London, PSTG offer services and a breadth of knowledge to organisations looking to implement best-of-breed IT solutions, to assist organisation growth and achievement of lasting business goals.  PSTG has played a fundamental role in ensuring a pleasant and proficient implementation of the Galaxkey solutions at this premier institute.

Galaxkey  is increasingly gaining traction in the security industry with their security solutions and services for securing communications, content and file transfer.  With the simplicity of use, breadth of deployment options and superior technologies that the Galaxkey solutions comprise, Galaxkey is quickly expanding the global market.  Galaxkey offer exceptional customer service and a positive can-do attitude, furthermore the ever-evolving and living solutions, that are Galaxkey, are continually developed to meet the changing requirements of the customer and the market.

Galaxkey is pleased to announce the signing of this premier institute as a customer of their encryption solutions.  With the support of PSTG, Galaxkey is looking forward to assisting this institute in addressing their security needs and working alongside them to further achieve their organisational security objectives and functionalities.

“This is an exciting opportunity for all involved, for the customer and their users to be able to realise the simplicity, innovation and capabilities that encompass the Galaxkey solutions and for Galaxkey to enter a relationship with an institution of longstanding exceptional merit” said Randhir Shinde, CEO of Galaxkey Limited.  “I am delighted that a world class premier research institute have selected Galaxkey as their solution”.