Galaxkey has today revealed a new platinum partnership with Advantage Technologies, an IT Services & Security Solutions company headquartered in Charleston, West Virginia.

Under the new partnership, Galaxkey and Advantage will focus on providing world-class data security to businesses across the Mid-Atlantic region of the USA.

The partnership will combine the respective skills, resources, and experience of both Galaxkey and Advantage into an extraordinary offering to the US market.

About Galaxkey

Galaxkey is certified by the UK’s National Cyber Security Centre (part of GCHQ), and its products are designed to enable total, affordable data protection for enterprises.

All four of Galaxkey’s products centre on a unique three-layered encryption architecture. The identity-based model means that no user passwords or keys are ever stored, making Galaxkey encryption practically impossible to penetrate.

Peter Clowes, Global Sales Director for Galaxkey, was very happy to reveal the new partnership and commented:

“Galaxkey is truly delighted to partner with Advantage. Together we will ensure that enterprises across the USA are able to protect their data with our world-class data protection suite.”

Randhir Shinde, Founder & CEO at Galaxkey said:

“I look forward to a long and fulfilling relationship with Advantage Technology. Galaxkey’s robust technology and easy-to-use platform, combined with Advantages focused and innovative approach to serving clients across the US, is a true formula for success”

About Advantage Technologies

Established for over 20 years, Advantage places real value on its people and relationships. Specialising in emerging areas of information technology, their technicians work tirelessly to serve a customer base across the US and Canada.

Chris May, Security Solutions Director for Advantage said of this new partnership:

“I am thrilled to further the partnership with the Galaxkey team. Their data protection product, encryption platform, and secure workspace are revolutionizing data protection and data security. Galaxkey ensure that our client’s data will always be safely encrypted, whether at rest or in transit”

John Goff, Sales Director for Advantage said:

“I am ecstatic about the partnership with Galaxkey. We understand that our clients can no longer ignore data protection and security. As the threat landscape continues to evolve, so do security standards. This makes data protection, and communication privacy an absolute necessity. Partnering with Galaxkey allows us to put our clients in a more secure security posture than ever before.”