Galaxkey is delighted to announce the release of a new add-in for Microsoft Sharepoint.

Sharepoint is very widely used by businesses for sharing and storing important data. Galaxkey already has strong integration with Microsoft platform – such as Outlook plug-in for emails and security plug-in for files/folders. The Galaxkey SharePoint Add-in takes this integration one level ahead.

Galaxkey Sharepoint Add-in is an extension that works on top of Microsoft SharePoint to deliver Galaxkey’s familiar identity-based security to all files and documents within a SharePoint environment. Galaxkey Sharepoint Add-in is a perfect product for organizations and individuals who use Microsoft SharePoint as a primary platform to share files and collaborate on documents. It is designed in such a way that minimum setup is required on customer’s infrastructure, and functions right out-of-the-box.

This add-in provides the following advantages:

  1. Extend Galaxkey security to files/folders hosted on Sharepoint
  2. Provide a seamless experience to the end-users by integrating directly with Sharepoint, as they move between Sharepoint and Galaxkey environments
  3. Improve the return on investment by extending integrations between platforms

Features of Galaxkey Sharepoint Add-in (GSA)

  • Encryption

Using GSA, you can encrypt a single file/folder on Sharepoint

  • Decryption

Using GSA, you can decrypt a single file/folder which is in encrypted state.

  • Synchronisation

When Sharepoint actions (such as adding/removing access) are completed on files encrypted/decrypted by Galaxkey, Sharepoint needs an explicit syncing to align the properties.

  • Authentication

Whenever GSA is used to encrypt/decrypt/synchronize a file/folder, it is done on behalf of the user logged-in on SharePoint. In order to carry out the requested operation, GSA needs to perform Galaxkey authentication of logged-in user.

  • Invitation

Galaxkey has extended it’s “invite” feature to GSA, making the experience seamless. When a valid and registered Galaxkey user encrypts a file/folder, all those users who have access to the said file/folder but are NOT registered with Galaxkey will be invited to join the Galaxkey platform.

Date of Release: October 2020

If you’d like to know more about this new feature, please get in touch and arrange your free 14 day trial.