Customer Success: Bradford MDC

The City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council (MDC) has selected Galaxkey to enhance their data protection and replace their incumbent encryption solution.

Bradford MDC is a public sector organisation responsible for numerous services that benefit residents of the Bradford District within the United Kingdom.

Bradford realised that their existing solution needed reconsideration. The fundamental requirement to implement a suitable process to safeguard their data, both within the council and when off premise is crucial. Bradford administers multiple services both internally and through commissioning third party organisations. Their communications must remain secure when sensitive data is communicated electronically. Furthermore, with approximately 11000 council employees, personally identifiable data must remain secure at all times (when in transit and in storage).

Bradford’s incumbent security solution was not meeting their requirements. Moreover, outlays continued to increase on renewal and the vendor-client relationship was showing strain.

The looming deadline for compliance with the new EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), already enacted, also emphasised the importance of ensuring that their security is conforming.

Bradford found themselves with a security solution that was difficult to use, neither the vendor nor the solution was flexible and costs kept increasing. They had a solution that was not fit for purpose and were unable to achieve their objectives whilst using it. A replacement was inevitable.

Together Galaxkey and Galaxkey partner, MSS (Managed Security Solutions) UK, who deliver consultancy services, security solutions as well as managed security services, were able to deliver the suitable security solution to meet Bradford’s requirements.

Galaxkey was evaluated as a replacement security technology and met all the outlined criteria. These included:

  • The solution must ensure that it supports all existing business processes
  • The solution must be easy to use and efficient
  • The solution must provide a secure mechanism for secure communications and secure data transfer to the intended recipient
  • All emails must only be accessible by the intended recipient
  • The vendor must be flexible to feature requests and the product should be adaptable to meet customised purposes
  • The right solution must meet a commercial price point acceptable by both the council and the vendor


Bradford was especially impressed with the flexibility that the Galaxkey solution as well as the team provided. The solution is flexible to provide customised features and the team are proactive in ensuring that these are proficiently and swiftly realised.

When evaluated against alternate solutions Galaxkey surpassed them. Galaxkey is unique and absolute. Not only is Galaxkey a comprehensive data security solution but Galaxkey can be adapted to integrate within any organisations existing processes. This distinguishing feature enabled Bradford MDC to take complete advantage of the solution by fully integrating Galaxkey into their internal processes with no impact to existing functioning.

Further deciding Galaxkey-specific features included:

  • Security that supports GDPR
  • Encryption that is end-to-end, content cannot be compromised
  • Security for all platforms, all data types, all location types, security in the cloud
  • Secure collaboration, within and outside of the organisation
  • Seamless electronic signature and notification features
  • Galaxkey Secure Gateway (GSG), no client required
  • No complicated onsite infrastructure required


Galaxkey has been successfully implemented at Bradford MDC. Bradford is now able to attain their objectives and this has been achieved cost effectively. Galaxkey continues to work closely with Bradford council to enhance features to meet the council’s specific demands and help to improve proficiency within the council.

Galaxkey is helping a multitude of organisations to realise compliance with GDPR. Bradford MDC can be confident that their data as well as their customers’ data will remain protected whilst using Galaxkey.

This blog entry has been compiled using information and feedback received from MSS and Bradford Council