Probably the most common and greatest area of concern over the past years has been data and email security. Including securing your data and emails from malicious attack and more recently concerns of government interception of email and data. The increased emphasis on companies to maintain security of the data that they store or transfer, the data that they are ultimately responsible for is also a major concern within organisation. As we quickly move into 2014 these concerns remain as prevalent.

After thorough research and discussions it seems that in 2014 we are quickly moving towards an era where it’s in the best interest of individuals and companies to take control of their own data and email security.

The main proposition advised is to become responsible for your own email and data security. It’s predicted that there will be a change in the way that we secure, send and store our data. The aim is for less dependence on vendors for securing data and for more companies to own and be responsible for their security alleviating the concerns surrounding the security of their data.

So, how is this accomplished?

It is advised that we should ‘Encrypt our data while securing our keys’.

A strong encryption solution is essential and is quickly becoming a default requirement. It’s important to adopt an email encryption strategy whereby you, the company, has sole access to your keys, this is the only way forward to ensure that you take back the responsibility of your email and data security.

Organisations must maintain sole ownership of their email encryption keys.
Galaxkey has thought of this and put it to action ahead of time. Galaxkey have covered these requirements and with the Galaxkey email and data encryption solution companies can take back the responsibility for securing their data, being reassured through sole ownership of their email encryption keys. This is where email encryption is heading and Galaxkey is running ahead.

Gartner states that the three top sought after cloud services of 2014 will remain as email security, web security services and identity and access management. But one of the highest growths for 2014 is forecast for cloud based encryptions services.

Gartner predicts that “the strongest interest will be in encryption products from cloud security brokers” which are “relatively easy to deploy and have options for on premise encryption management”.

Gartner predicts that organisations’ interest in encryption will grow but the lack of provider’s interest in cloud based encryption makes this task of encrypting more complex. Galaxkey encryption solution is a cloud based email and document encryption solution.

Looking at Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Secure Email Gateways 2013, Gartner’s analysis of various email security vendors has concluded that although many of the vendors within the quadrant have some form of email encryption capabilities, existing customers have expressed frustration with the usability of encryption for senders and recipients, especially on mobile devices. They’ve noted that consideration should be given to the way the encryption solution integrates into the secure email gateway management interface.

The Galaxkey solution is designed for ease of use without compromising on security. Galaxkey has a very user friendly management interface and the solution works effortlessly on various mobile platforms.
Through our research and supported through data published by Gartner, encryption will be a main driver in 2014.