From the recent Global Investment Summit to the upcoming COP26 to be held in Glasgow, the UK government is focused on environmental concerns. As part of its green goals, it is urging enterprises across the country to reduce their carbon footprint and take responsibility for the way they interact with the natural world. While some companies are making substantial investments in renewable energy use on their premises, like ground source heat pumps and infrastructure to operate an electrical fleet, it is possible to make less expensive changes that can make a significant impact.

A new approach many firms are now taking is to use electronic signatures instead of traditional wet ink solutions. Signing in this way offers a far greener way of working for businesses, and also delivers enhanced security, among many other benefits. Read on to discover more about this innovative option and discover if it’s the right solution for your firm.

What is an e-signature?

An electronic signature, also known as an e-signature, refers to a legal method of obtaining approval or consent on documents in an electronic format.

Environmental benefits of e-signatures

Consider the process of obtaining a signature from a contact on the other side of the globe and its carbon footprint. If you have to travel in person to sign or send the document by courier, there will be transport miles and associated pollution to consider.

The paper that the contract is printed on is a natural resource, and the inks used to print it will commonly contain chemicals and toxins. Electronic signatures simplify the process of completing documents, making them exceptionally energy efficient. An e-signature allows a document to be signed swiftly in seconds, wherever signatories are based.

Additional advantages of e-signatures

E-signatures are a more economic option than expensive couriers, special delivery rates and onsite facilities and materials for printing. They also enhance workflow while ensuring that documents can be tracked at every step of their journey. This allows companies to keep compliant with data regulators and safeguards sensitive documents. E-signatures can be verified and ensure only those with appropriate access right can interact with a document. If any changes are made to a document, the sender will be alerted.

Eco-friendly options with advanced security

Galaxkey is proud to offer green-minded enterprises looking to improve their security levels with a cutting-edge e-signature tool that enhances productivity.

Couriers and printing costs become issues of the past with our identity-based electronic signing feature. Electronic signing makes certain sensitive documents can only ever be viewed and completed by the individual you sent them to, whether it’s an external contact or a member of your team. Only those authorised can access files or mail sent. This ensures that our electronic document signing option satisfies vital legal admissibility requirements for banking, legal, healthcare, insurance and financial services.

Get in touch with our team today to discuss how your company can act responsibly while operating effectively and safely with a two-week trial of our electronic signing feature.