Electronic or e-signatures are an innovative and efficient way of completing documents. Respected as a legally acceptable alternative to traditional “wet ink” signatures, a document signed electronically will stand up in a court of law. Enterprises seeking to keep competitive need to ensure they are always using the latest technological solutions, or they can easily become left behind. This is particularly the case when the technology available can improve the speed and smoothness of how they operate.

In this regard, the adoption of e-signatures has multiple advantages for firms looking to streamline the way they work. They can effectively speed up the completion of projects, avoid delays and disruption and facilitate simpler processes for staff. Read on for how companies operating at the forefront of their field are using this electronic alternative to stay ahead.

Unwanted delays are in the past

An entirely up-to-date approach, electronic signatures can ensure companies are working in the present. Instead of the time-consuming process of signing a document with an ink signature, an electronic option allows contracts to be completed in seconds with a single keystroke.

Using traditional methods involves parties travelling and meeting to sign important documents or using couriers to send out papers for a signature. However, these activities are unnecessary with an e-signature, as contracts are completed quickly online.

Delays can be caused when executive staff members travel on business or on holiday, but with e-signatures, no waiting time is required while you wait for them to return. Contracts can be emailed and signed in seconds, allowing business to carry on interrupted.

An easier way of working

Using well-established ways of obtaining a signature can also be time-consuming for staff managing administration tasks. Instead of the laborious process of booking couriers and tracking and chasing signatures, electronic options provide a more seamless experience. Tracing the progress of documents is easier online and no couriers are ever required. Staff are notified of any amendments to contracts or invoices and alerted when they are signed. Automated systems can also remind signatories that action is required, saving administrators valuable time they can put to better use for the business.

A secure e-signature option you can rely on

The secure workspace from Galaxkey features a state-of-the-art electronic signature tool to help businesses be the best. While e-signatures can speed up workflow, they can also keep firms compliant with data regulators and safeguard important documents like contracts and invoices, along with digital communications such as emails.

E-signatures allow companies to verify the identity of all who view or sign a document and leave a complete record of everyone who interacts with the data involved. This allows companies to be completely transparent with data regulators and prove they have taken the necessary steps to safeguard any private information involved.

Our system also has powerful encryption that enables companies to always keep content inaccessible by unauthorised entities.

If your firm is looking to protect the information it exchanges and the documentation it deals with, get in touch with our technical team and test drive our cutting-edge solution today.