While ethical hackers exist and help cybersecurity teams defeat the schemes and scams of threat operators, they are in the vast minority compared to criminally minded hackers who are quite another “kettle of phish”.

Since COVID-19 hit last year, underhand business has been booming for hackers who have been quick to cash in on the fact that many firms were lacking readiness for the digital transformation prompted by the pandemic. Forced to adapt fast and adopt new technology to remain resilient while staff were based offsite, many companies have fallen short where security protocols are concerned.

From Trojan threats like TrickBot and Emotet to headline-grabbing ransomware attacks, hackers have been deploying a wide range of cybercriminal strategies to breach company networks, steal confidential data, expose data subjects’ private details and even extort payments for the safe return of services and sensitive data. We’ll now look at some of the ways you can lessen the damage such attacks can do when they get past your defences.

Keep anti-virus and anti-malware current

Protective programs are only strong if they’re updated immediately, with all vulnerabilities effectively patched. Keep all your security software in date at all times, along with any apps and operating systems used by your organisation.

Perform regular backups

Ensure all your data is backed up. Providing all data has been archived, you can clean out an infected system entirely and restore your operation from backups.

Segment your network

If possible, spread your data over subnetworks as this can reduce how much of your operation is impacted if you’re attacked. Containing infections in subsections can save your infrastructure.

Enforce PoLP

The Principle of least Privilege (PoLP) should always be enforced. Limiting user access to specific network areas and data sets they require for their role can minimise damage from various forms of attack.

Educate your employees

End users at your company should be instructed on how to identify phishing emails if they slip past your filters, as these can be the entry point of many hacks. Malicious links are often included that can deploy malware infections throughout your network. Training staff to spot and report these attacks is essential and regular testing of their abilities is advised.

Next generation protection from hacking

While all the above are essential steps to take when defending your firm from malicious hackers, at Galaxkey we have created a secure platform offering a new level of protection. Our system has been designed to thwart the efforts of malicious operators using innovative options and protective protocols.

It provides a platform engineered to present no backdoors that can be exploited by hackers, and never stores vulnerable passwords. Whether your staff are sending important documents, sharing files or answering emails, all your company content can be effectively encrypted making it utterly unintelligible if data is intercepted or disclosed. This allows you to efficiently avoid the chaos and long-term damage caused by data breaches.

Contact our expert team today and experience advanced enterprise protection with an online demonstration of the secure platform from Galaxkey.