Traditionally, organisations have utilised perimeter defences such as dedicated firewalls and detections systems to safeguard the data they use and retain as part of their operations. However, in these changing times of increased cybercriminal activity and employees working remotely, many companies are seeking a more powerful and comprehensive security solution that covers all their needs.

Security experts agree on one option that offers the most premium level of data protection – adopting encryption software. Unlike fixed defences, encryption can be used on a wide variety of devices and safeguard sensitive content stored on servers, files and even emails and their attachments. The following are some of the multiple advantages that enterprises from small to large can appreciate when they opt to use encryption as a security solution.

Comprehensive protection for data

Offering a complete solution, data encryption provides enterprise information officers with a method of protecting company content whether it is at rest or in transit. If the unthinkable occurs and a company’s defences are penetrated by hackers, any stored content that they gain unauthorised access to will be entirely illegible. While encrypted data can be decoded through a time-consuming process, cybercriminals are more likely to attack firms that do not employ this option, making it an exceptionally useful deterrent.

Appeasing regulatory authorities

To protect personal information, data regulators have drawn up a wide range of rules that companies must always be compliant with. Using encryption software will ensure an enterprise is always operating in line with these policies and protected against the often alarming costs of a data breach.

Transferring information securely

Sensitive company information is most at risk when in transit. Using encryption can make certain that whether data is being sent to cloud storage, emailed to clients or shared among colleagues, it remains utterly secure. Only individuals with the correct access levels will ever be able to view or access information.

Protection against ransomware and other data manipulation

Hackers using ransomware tactics are a threat to enterprise data. After infiltrating company systems via phishing emails and network vulnerabilities, the operators identify confidential and important data and encrypt it. The hackers then demand a payment, usually in hard-to-track bitcoin, for the safe return of the inaccessible data. By employing encryption prior to such an attack, companies are guarded against the unfortunate consequences such an incident can result in, from expensive forensic investigations and system downtime, to massive fines from data regulators.

Encryption made easy to employ

At Galaxkey, we understand that while encryption offers powerful data protection for enterprises, if it is not user-friendly it can cause more harm than good. Overly complex solutions can result in employees using it ineffectually and information may become vulnerable. To combat this problem, we have developed a simple to use drag-and-drop system, allowing staff to encrypt data quickly and easily on any device.

Employing robust three-layer encryption based on the onion model, our team has developed a security option that ensures companies stay compliant by keeping data safe. To experience a demonstration of our secure platform, contact Galaxkey today.