Digital transformation has seen a rapid rise in response to the recent COVID-19 pandemic, with the latest technology taken up by firms across the world to keep operating in spite of such turbulent circumstances.

The ability to sign documents digitally has been an integral part of these new methods, allowing companies to sign contracts and critical documentation from anywhere across the globe, on any device and at any hour. In the next sections, we’ll shine a spotlight on how these digital signatures are assisting enterprises to stay in business in these unprecedented times.

Safeguarding health of staff

Highly contagious, the coronavirus can be spread to the non-infected when in close contact. This has made digital signatures invaluable, as they are an ideal solution for a socially distanced society. Performed remotely, they can be added to important documentation via a desktop PC or personal device from a safe location, ensuring no risk to employee health and safety occurs at all.

Securing content

The data contained in documentation is also protected with digital signatures, as well as that of those who issue them. Signatories identities can be validated and access to secure documents can be limited, ensuring the information contained is only viewed by authorised individuals.

Completing contracts quickly

All business is competitive. To keep at the forefront of their fields, firms must ensure vital admin is always completed in a timely fashion. This includes important deals that must be made, with signatures added to make them legal. Unlike traditional document signing that could take between days and weeks to perform by courier service, digital signatures can be completed in seconds, a perfect solution when lockdown prohibits meeting in-person to close deals.

Enhanced flexibility

The pandemic has seen many companies redeploy their staff to a home office situation, using collaborative software to keep operating. Digital document signing allows staff working remotely to authorise and action a wealth of essential business processes from any location and from any device at any time, allowing for the responsiveness necessary to provide a seamless service.

Keeping compliant with regulators

Data regulators demand that enterprises can track the progress of data at all times and, if necessary, search for it and retrieve it efficiently. Digital document signing provides companies with indelible proof that they have total control of any confidential content, with every step of its journey recorded and documented with signatories in place. In short, digital signatures provide evidential support of a company’s dedication to compliance with regulations, ensuring it remains resilient.

Unlock the power of digital document signing

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