Forward-thinking enterprises are now adopting electronic signatures for daily processes and enjoying the benefits. From cutting company costs to reducing a firm’s carbon footprint, electronic signatures have much to offer, but they can also enhance the way you operate, making for safer and smoother workflow.

Read on as we take a closer look at how this innovative tool can streamline your working practices while adding extra security.

What is an e-signature?

An electronic or e-signature is employed to sign important documents being sent online, effectively removing any need to sign paper-style documents using a signature in “wet ink”. An electronic signature can be used for a wide range of applications, from legal documents and contractual agreements to finance documentation and invoices. E-signatures can take the form of a person’s signature in digital form or may be unique numbers, letters and characters forming a code. It provides indelible evidence that a signer agrees or accepts information set out within the document it is added to.

How do e-signatures improve the way you work?

Electronic signatures can authenticate, trace, and store both signatures and information on signers at each stage of a document’s journey or lifecycle. In the same way that handwritten signatures work, electronic signatures are entirely unique to one designated signer. This assists companies to keep compliant with data regulators and adds enhanced security to sensitive or private contracts and communications.

Their use offers firms increased levels of flexibility. Entirely digital, they can be signed at any time, from anywhere even if a signer is on the other side of the world, in a different time zone, travelling or simply housebound. Whenever a document needs a signature, it can be added in seconds, which means no delays and far smoother workflow.

Automated electronic signatures allow document owners to easily and clearly find out the stage a document has reached, thus reducing admin. No couriers need to be booked or tracked in order to send documents and have them signed, and e-signature tools typically ship with a user-friendly dashboard for simple tracking.

Processes that once could have taken weeks to perform and hours of staff time can be completed far more quickly, and a record of all signed documents is always recorded and kept when reference or proof is required.

Are e-signatures legal?

Yes, and they have been for some time. The UK recognised the legal validity of electronic signatures with two pieces of legislation – the Electronic Communications Act 2000, and the later Electronic Signatures Regulation 2002.

Electronic signatures at your fingertips

Along with a wide range of innovative tools that give you control of your communication and add layers of encryption, Galaxkey’s secure platform offers a cutting-edge electronic signature feature. Whether you want to create accurate tracking records of interaction with documents, verify signatures, or simply complete contracts and invoices in the best possible time, our electronic signature option is an invaluable asset.

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