Safeguarding commercial documents is a key process for companies of all sizes as well as government departments, educational institutions and non-profit organisations. Documentation like financial agreements, employment contracts, personnel records and other data files retained on record must be protected for many reasons.

To conform with data regulators, content containing personal data must be secured, and to keep a competitive edge, firms must ensure their contractual agreements and deals remain confidential. Private documents must also be safeguarded against malicious actors seeking to steal or expose sensitive material for financial gain.

While there are numerous options available that allow enterprises to secure their commercial documents, selecting a suitable option is not always easy without expertise. In the following sections, we’ll consider some crucial questions to ask before you buy a solution for your firm.

How robust is the security provided?

Document security solutions must be powerful enough to withstand concerted efforts to crack them. Choose an option that provides robust encryption that effectively locks out anyone without permissions from accessing content.

Makes certain that the option you purchase offers complete protection in different data states. If documents are being sent as an attachment in an email or shared via a collaboration platform, or are being stored in the cloud or a physical device or server, the commercial document must have the same safeguards in place.

How easy is it to use the solution?

While security options must be strong, they need to be user-friendly if they are to prove effective. Simple to implement solutions are far more likely to be used correctly by staff members than convoluted or complex products that involve multiple stages to deploy.

Complicated document security solutions can also slow down workflow when personnel struggle to access the files they require for their role.

What are the limits on file size?

Some solutions may put limits on how large a file can be to receive protection. Ensure there are no caps on file size to achieve optimum data security.

Is the solution compatible with different devices and operating systems?

More firms than ever operate with staff working remotely or flexibly. This can mean they are using a wide range of personal equipment, often running different operating systems (OS). Select a product that works effectively on any device and OS, so it can be used by all personnel.

Will the solution keep you compliant with data regulators?

Specific rules govern how personal data must be handled and stored, so ensure that the system you select for your firm is approved and certified to answer all concerns of your country’s data protection laws.

Comprehensive commercial document security for your company

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