From multinational corporations to small businesses and start-ups, modern operations of all sizes must handle and retain information on digital file.

While once, sensitive documents would be kept in a safe or locked filing cabinet, today data is stored on computers and servers. Privacy laws have also changed with the times and laws like the General Data Protection Act have made data handlers responsible for the personal information they store and use.

To secure data files that contain confidential or personal information, ranging from agreements and contracts to personnel files and customer account details, various data encryption solutions are offered. These innovative tools provide an effective way of protecting sensitive content while ensuring it is always easy to move and access when required by those with permissions.

Read on as we look at how this cutting-edge option helps companies to achieve optimum file security.

How does document encryption work?

Encryption is a process where plain text is effectively scrambled into an illegible format referred to as “cipher text.” This process helps protect the integrity and confidentiality of documents containing digital data whether it is being shared, stored, or sent in a communication via the internet.

To be able to unlock the secure document, its creator and those with permission to access it must use an encryption key. This key is a combination of algorithms that can both scramble and unscramble the data involved back to a form where it can be read.

Effectively, when an individual has permission or authorisation to access the data, the information will be translated, returning it to its original format. This process is called decryption.

Without the keys to unlock it, the secure document remains protected, and its content cannot be stolen, altered, or destroyed by unauthorised entities or in error, thus avoiding potential data breaches.

Advanced encryption for enhanced file protection and security

At Galaxkey, we have designed our secure system to provide enterprises of all sizes with a comprehensive data security solution. Developed with a robust infrastructure with zero back doors, our system delivers innovative tools like electronic document signing and email security solutions for improved protection while working.

Our platform also gives business professionals an easy-to-implement encryption option capable of safeguarding private and personal information. With a simple drag-and-drop action, personnel can add three layers of powerful encryption to any data file they select. Whether information is being stored on a server, forms an attachment included in an email, or is being shared with colleagues, it can be entirely encrypted, ensuring it remains undecipherable to all but those with authorisation to view and interact with it.

Approved and certified by the National Cyber Security Centre, our cutting-edge encryption and document security solution also features alerts and tracking, so that users know immediately when a file has been altered and at what time and date it occurred.

If you’re ready to ramp up your protection levels with a premier encryption option, get in touch with our technical team today and book your free 14-day trial.