Enterprise security chiefs possess many technical tools to safeguard their systems and devices. Firewalls, antivirus, anti-malware software and spam filters all help networks and computers stand up to attacks from threat actors.

Another asset enterprises can draw upon is their workforce. By effectively training staff to spot cybercriminals’ schemes and scams, IT heads can transform each employee into a sentient alarm system who is capable of identifying and reporting attacks. Detecting cybercriminal activity early on can mean the difference between a minor disruption and a devastating data breach.

The risk of phishing attacks

Perhaps the most significant threat to firms is served up via phishing emails. This prevalent problem sees company staff receive malicious emails that pretend to be from a trusted contact. The message will typically request that its chosen victim takes urgent action. This may involve clicking on a malicious link or downloading a harmful attachment.

If the emails instructions are followed, the results can be varied but typically involve the downloading of malware or the theft of user credentials like passwords and usernames.

What type of training tools can educate staff members?

The ability of a member of staff to recognise a phishing attack and then report it is never inconsequential. Fortunately, state-of-the-art software is available that was engineered specifically to train employees to spot threats. This cutting-edge software can effectively mimic a wide array of attack types using advanced simulations. High-quality training programs are always informed by the most recent types of attack used by threat operators, keeping employee knowledge up to date.

On top of having the ability to avoid the techniques and traps set by threat operators like harmful links and malware downloads, employees must also have a firm grasp of how incidents must be reported.

Employees must never feel uncomfortable or embarrassed about reporting a potential threat, and should understand exactly who they need to inform if they receive a phishing email.

When should staff undergo cybersecurity training?

To be efficient, cybersecurity training should not be a one-off experience for staff, but a continuous process. As cybersecurity experts create methods to protect systems from attacks, threat actors are constantly tweaking their tactics to keep ahead of them. As a result, staff must keep increasing their knowledge with constant training that ensures they stay informed on the latest threats around.

Cybersecurity solutions designed for your staff

At Galaxkey, we have created a set of robust security tools for staff to use that can protect data, whether it is stored on server or sent via email. From powerful encryption to electronic signatures that can verify those accessing secure data, all our solutions are designed with the user in mind.

Using drag-and-drop and single-click action, all our security tools deliver advanced protection while remaining easy to implement. If you would like to test-drive our toolkit of innovative options today, get in touch with our technical team. You can then choose between an online demonstration or a free two-week trial.