Enterprises and institutions are now facing increasing issues with keeping data secure than ever seen previously. On top of the rigid data protection laws enforced by regulators that insist companies safeguard personal data, recent months have seen many firms required to deploy staff to remote homeworking situations during the COVID-19 crisis.

Beyond the defences of an onsite security perimeter and with the need to access company files and servers via personal devices, this new way of working offers vulnerabilities that malicious operators are quick to exploit. The tactics used by cybercriminals are constantly evolving, becoming increasingly sophisticated and less easy to identify.

In reaction to the sometimes constricting compliancy policies, risks of remote working and the enhanced attack methods of hackers, many enterprises are toughening up security with cutting-edge technology to control data flow and keep private information safe.

Although creating an impenetrable defence against cyberthreats can seem beneficial, it can also become harmful when solutions are so complex that employees cannot use them effectively. Complicated protective measures can also have a negative impact on business process when they make collaborating difficult to accomplish, or might lead to slow workflow.

Understanding these limitations, information officers charged with keeping company data safe must select a security option that delivers the highest level of protection while providing exceptional usability.

Availability of information

Availability is at the heart of securing confidential data. Once securely stored, data can only be accessed after it becomes available. Precisely who data can be accessed by is an administrator control that can be configured accordingly in respect to how sensitive the information is.

Security personnel must possess a comprehensive knowledge of the data they store and safeguard in order to classify it accurately and appropriately. Regardless of whether data is being sent or stored, it must only be available to those with the correct level of user authorisation. Organising and collating data via classification and permissions can streamline working processes and make sure that users can always access the data they require to perform their specific role.

Easy-to-employ solutions offer enhanced security

To be effective any security system must be simple and straightforward for staff to use. Even the most powerful security solution employed must never stop end-users from connecting with the data they require or collaborating. More than this, a security system that is convoluted or overly complex may negate its own usefulness when users are unable to operate it. Used improperly, security procedures can leave enterprises open to dangerous data leaks.

User-friendly security at your fingertips

Whether your staff are working at home or in the office, on company devices or their own, our secure system from Galaxkey can protect the data you use and store. Able to work effectively with multiple operating systems, our security solution will also ensure you keep compliant with data regulators. Featuring end-to-end encryption delivered by simple drag and drop, your employees will always be working within safe parameters. Contact our team today for an online demonstration.