The ability to communicate clearly and easily with colleagues and clients is a key element of every successful organisation. However, to safeguard confidential company information, protect the personal information of staff and customers and adhere to data protection regulations, communications must always be secure.

The following are some important steps your business can take to neutralise cyberthreats aimed at your Wider Area Network (WAN) when your employees work remotely.

Making the move to the cloud with managed security

During the recent crisis, many enterprises have seen a shift to remote working that has required network needs to be swiftly scalable and secure. Migrating your company’s applications and network to the cloud can offer a cost-efficient answer to scalability issues while at the same time assisting to relieve additional pressure and the associated risks placed on a WAN when remote working leads to a rise in traffic.

To further safeguard this increasing volume of information travelling across a WAN now in a remote work environment, businesses may also consider opting for a managed security solution for remote access to their network. However, while third part monitoring bolstered with security tools can offer some peace of mind, many businesses may prefer total control of their data, including who monitors it.

Adopting software-defined WAN

Legacy WANs are becoming less suited to the constantly evolving security demands enterprises need to answer and are often unable to provide the required levels of visibility on network traffic. Many companies are now adding a software-defined WAN (SD-WAN), enabling comprehensive and consistent security solutions and policy implementation across their network.

Extremely agile an SD-WAN enables businesses to customise to their changing needs, including adding bandwidth or adjusting capacity to cope with increased traffic caused by remote working. SD-WAN also offers enterprises exceptional levels of visibility for security.

Concentrating on inbound security

The vulnerabilities of staff working remotely, often on personal devices, has ushered in a new wave of cyber threats, with the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) in the UK announcing a growing trend in COVID-19 related attacks on organisations and individuals. Enterprises must focus on securing network contact from outside while remaining flexible enough not to disrupt workflow. Methods that rapidly and securely verify credentials of user devices accessing the company network should be selected.

Employ a multilayered security solution

Deploying multiple levels of security can form a complex defence against attacks from cybercriminals. Using a cutting-edge firewall, two-factor authentication for employee network access, vulnerability and penetration testing, as well as a full encryption solution across the entire WAN, can all combine to form a multilayered security plan for threat management.

At Galaxkey, we have built a secure platform to ensure companies can collaborate and communicate safely whether they are working from home or in the office. Our seamless end-to-end encryption ensures that all confidential data is constantly protected and is simple for employees to use. With zero back doors, our platform puts you in total control of your data flow with no third parties involved. Contact our dedicated team to test drive our security platform today.