The most common defence methods used against phishing tactics rely heavily on users recognising attacks. While there is no doubt that identifying phishing scams is essential, a multilayered approach that combines different forms of defence can sometimes be far more effective.

Having more ways to detect and protect against attacks can make it more likely phishing strategies can be stopped before they cause damage or disruption, making your organisation more resilient. The following are some key areas to consider when defending your business from this insidious form of assault.

Make yourself a difficult target to hit

Cybercrime experts state that the weakest link in information security is still the human element. Make certain your users are hard for attackers to get at by first ensuring your email accounts cannot be used as a resource by threat actors. Unprotected, these addresses can be spoofed by attackers to look like authentic emails from your company but with malicious intent. Reducing the amount of company information that is publicly available can also be beneficial, as attackers will often use these details to make their emails appear more authentic.

To negate the fact that users are a weakness, employ automated security solutions where possible to support your defences. Blocking or filtering malicious emails before they ever reach a recipient’s inbox can drastically reduce the possibility of a potential phishing incident. Furthermore, this automatic security measure also reduces how much valuable time users exhaust verifying and reporting suspicious emails increasing productivity.

Protection from undetected attacks

Phishing emails can also launch malware onto company networks and devices, so it is crucial protection is in place. Make user accounts phishing resistant and limit the number that have privileged access. Ensure company equipment is always configured correctly and use anti-malware software as and when required. Allow your users to only have access to an approved list of sites as this can stop them being led to phishing sites when they click on malicious links.

Educating employees

Answering emails and examining information by clicking links is an everyday occurrence in today’s modern workplace, which is why phishing email campaigns remain prevalent. This can make expecting users to always be on their guard an unrealistic expectation.

Despite this, companies should train staff to spot phishing strategies using all the information available. From lists of identifiers to phishing simulations, there are many training resources available for educating personnel on identifying attacks. Creating an atmosphere where users feel comfortable to report possible threats is important. It is also vital that employees are aware of the correct reporting procedure when a suspicious email is received so that appropriate security measures can be taken rapidly.

The quicker phishing incidents are detected and reported, the faster they can be closed down before causing harm.

At Galaxkey we have developed a security solution offering end-to-end encryption that allows users to collaborate, send files and documents, and use email securely. Employing an innovative authentication system, recipients can verify emails are from legitimate senders to save time and safeguard confidential information.