From stronger passwords to two-factor authentication, many proven methods exist to improve email security at your firm. Companies concerned with improving cybersecurity while using their business email accounts can consider some of the following options.

Sender reputation email filtering

Filtering company emails based on sender reputation can add extra protection to company email accounts.

This process enables information officers to control which emails are allowed access past mail gateways based on sender trustworthiness. Using this process, trusted contacts like client and supplier emails will never be delayed and will be sent directly to intended recipients within your firm.

However, if an email is sent from an unknown or conspicuous source it will receive a comprehensive scan, superior to those supplied by standard mail filters. If it is deemed to be harmful or contain spam or a phishing message, it will effectively be blocked from entering the enterprise mail system.

Staff awareness training

While technical solutions like antivirus software, dedicated firewalls, spam filters and advanced scanning all play their part in keeping email secure, people themselves also have a role to perform. An educated employee who can recognise a phishing email and report it before it caused havoc is an exceptional asset to any company.

Training session software is available that can mimic an extensive range of cyberattacks via state-of-the-art simulations. Based on the latest methods used and informed by real attacks deployed by threat operators, these training programs can help employees learn to spot threats early on.

As well as being able to avoid the tricks and traps found in phishing emails like malicious downloads and links, staff must learn how to respond after identifying an attack. Every firm should drill their workforce on how to react and report attacks. This modern approach is known as creating a cybersecurity-aware culture in the workplace.

Customise endpoint security

Endpoint security includes technology and tactics that contain, prevent, and mitigate threats launched at points where personnel access emails. A compromised endpoint provides hackers with a foothold in a firm’s network, and a launchpad for attacks.

Every organisation will have its own security challenges and unique requirements, so endpoint protection must always be bespoke in order to suit these needs and deliver a dependable solution.

Email encryption

Email accounts are storehouses packed with information with value to cybercriminals. From personally identifiable information (PII) on staff, suppliers, and clients to private financial information on business deals and displayed in invoices, emails can contain highly sensitive data.

Whether emails are beings stored or sent, with attachments or without, protecting them is key. At Galaxkey, we have simplified this process for our clients with cutting-edge encryption. Delivering robust protection, our system remains easy to use, ensuring it is always employed effectively.

Staff can encrypt any email they select (we recommend encrypting all emails communications) along with any documents attached for maximum protection. Get in contact with our technical team today to arrange a free 14-day trial, and see the system in action for yourself.