From distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks that knock enterprise sites offline to ransomware raids that lock firms out of their key data, a wide range of stealthy cyber assaults exists, and often companies fail to see them coming.

These attacks can be devastating to not just companies that provide products and services to a customer base, but local councils, educational institutions, and charity organisations who assist members of the public.

While an attack you can’t predict might sound hard to defend against, there are measures that can be put in position that allow businesses and local authorities to bounce back faster and safeguard the sensitive information they store.

How to keep data free from prying eyes

If hackers manage to circumnavigate the security measures you have in place by cracking passwords, exploiting a system vulnerability, or using social engineering tactics to fool employee, the best way to keep data safe is by encrypting it.

Data encryption software is engineered to make electronic content entirely illegible to those without correct authorisation. It can be applied to data files that are stored on servers or the cloud but can also secure emails whether they are sitting in a drafts folder, inbox, outbox, or are being sent. Email messages are rendered indecipherable, ensuring only the desired recipient will be able to read their contents. If an email has an attachment, such as a contract or invoice containing private information or financial credentials, this will also be encrypted for maximum security.

Restore your systems swiftly and safely

If a cybercriminal group infects your systems with malware or encrypts them, thereby making it impossible for you to access your records and deliver services, being able to wipe your damaged infrastructure and reboot your systems with a fresh and up-to-date backup is vital. This means that you can return to normal operations as quickly as possible, providing seamless support to those you serve whether you’re a local authority helping members of your community or a company caring for its customer base.

It also means that if your files have been hit by a ransomware operation who is trying to leverage a payment from you in return a decryption device, you can refuse this and instead restore your own systems from scratch with clean backups.

The best part of creating backups is that the process is a simple task to perform that can even be automated.

Better data security with Galaxkey

At Galaxkey, we have streamlined the process of cybersecurity for the clients we serve by developing our secure workspace. Providing a safe operational environment for enterprise professionals, we offer powerful tools for enhanced data security. Our cutting-edge encryption has three layers to safeguard all sensitive data whether it is at rest or being shared, and is extremely easy to use. Other options allow content to be tracked and electronic signatures to be used, speeding up workflow and adding extra layers of security through verification.

Contact our specialist team today if you’re ready to remain resilient in the wake of a cyberattack with a free two-week trial.