Email systems are an essential communication tool for companies that let them collaborate and engage with colleagues, partners, vendors and customers. In seconds, firms can send important information to those they work with or supply services to via email. However, email accounts can also act as valuable storehouses for important information, supplying a trackable record of correspondence and supplying reference when required.

It is understood that information hubs like enterprise email systems, accounts, and the messages they transmit are attractive targets for cybercriminals. As a result, it is vital that they remain secure from attack. Read on for some important protocols to put in place to protect your email usage from threat operators.

Email encryption

Whether emails contain general or sensitive information, always encrypt the data they contain. Encrypted emails can only be read by their sender and the specific recipient they are issued to, helping firms avoid disclosure of sensitive information and data breaches.

Whether an attacker invades your mail system or intercepts a single message, if encryption is used, they won’t be able to view, edit or delete your content.

Email control tools

Use state-of-the art solutions to gain greater control over your email use. Built-for-purpose tools can allow you to recall an email sent in error, but also allow you to set a time-out so you can prove they present no risk to data subjects if regulators investigate an incident.

Email filters

Use mail filters that can block harmful and malicious messages while allowing legitimate messages to reach your personnel swiftly. You can create lists of approved contacts and those deemed a threat to make sure that mail is filtered effectively and keep your staff and data safe.

Powerful passwords

Email accounts are usually protected by passwords. Ensure only strong passwords are used and, where possible, issue these to staff instead of letting them select their own. Change passwords monthly and use multi-factor authentication to add more protection to accounts. Codes can be sent via SMS to smartphones, or you can use biometric data like fingerprint, retinal or facial recognition scans to foil hackers.

Train teams

The greatest threat delivered via email comes in the form of phishing attacks. These malicious messages are carefully constructed to fool victims into parting with private information and access credentials or into downloading damaging software onto their device and company network. Educate you staff on the latest forms of phishing attack so they can identify such emails and report them immediately.

Protect your enterprise email accounts today

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