This year has seen a spike in enterprises of all sizes hit by hackers. From irritating spam attacks to more sinister ransomware raids, there are multiple weapons in the cybercriminal arsenal designed to extort funds, steal data and disrupt services. Employing some ingenious tactics, these malicious operators are becoming increasingly harder to stop and their strategies trickier to tackle, often bypassing what appear to be robust defences.

To prepare for these inevitable attacks, it is vital that every firm develops a dedicated infrastructure for security. The following are some simple steps that companies can take to keep operating out of reach of the latest brand of hackers around.

Regularly update passwords

Although most enterprises are aware that passwords must be customised to each designated user, these private credentials that contain a variety of letters, numbers and symbols are only part of a defence mechanism. Providing a portal to an enterprise’s operating systems, both passwords and the usernames they are associated with can be exploited by hackers, so updating them regularly is critical. While this may seem like a laborious process, it is absolutely necessary to alter this information on a monthly if not weekly basis.

Selecting the correct Internet Service Provider (ISP)

Not all ISPs are equal in what they offer, and selecting your chosen provider based on price or speed is not necessarily the best approach in terms of security. When picking your company’s provider, research the available options and consider selecting a candidate that offers in-built security options. Once you find one with your sought-after security features, you can then select based on connection speed and affordability. The ISP that can deliver on all three criteria will be the most suitable option for your company.

Be aware of spyware

It’s essential to maintain a rigid schedule for updating both your anti-spyware, anti-malware, and anti-virus applications. Ensuring you are always employing the very latest version of this protective software will allow you to benefit from the most recent security patches for identified vulnerabilities. Using a less up-to-date edition of an application can easily leave your business unprotected against hacker infiltration.

Employing encryption software

Data leaks can cost companies vast sums of money. When hackers penetrate systems and access personal information, an enterprise is obligated to report the incident to regulators unless the data was effectively encrypted. If a company is found to be negligent in safeguarding information or failed to inform data subjects or regulators of a breach, it can face fines involving millions. Furthermore, companies involved in such an incident will suffer harm to their reputation and lose money while investigations are ongoing, and services are disrupted. Using encryption software will ensure that personal data retained by companies is always kept safe.

A dependable security solution

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