Despite its numerous vulnerabilities, email continues to be the leasing choice for business communications across the globe. From missent messages containing private documents to unprotected correspondence being intercepted by malicious actors, the risks to data security related to emails are manifold. However, there are options available designed to safeguard the content sent via this channel.

Most cybersecurity experts concur that encryption is the most effective way to secure email communication. Encryption applied to emails makes certain that only those authorised to view messages are able to do so. This means that whether an email is sent to the incorrect recipient, or an account is hacked into and its inbox explored, all content encrypted will be completely protected and potential data breaches will be averted.

However, not all security products are necessarily equal in terms of the protection levels they deliver. Read on for some useful guidance to steer your decision making when you’re shopping for an email encryption solution.

Certified cybersecurity products only

Making sure encryption software is approved by experts is a key consideration. Businesses searching for an encryption option here in Britain should make sure that it has a Commercial Product Assurance (CPA) certificate from the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) before buying.

Robust protection levels

Always choose encryption powerful enough to protect the data you include in emails. Three-layer encryption is designed to keep even the most relentless attackers out of your communications, so don’t settle for less.

Comprehensive encryption

Many email encryption products will only scramble the body copy of a company communication. Unfortunately, this leaves any attachments unprotected. In many cases it is email attachments that contain the most sensitive information, like invoices listing financial credentials or private company contracts.

For this reason, ensure your encryption option will encompass the entirety of a communication including any attachments.

User-friendly encryption

Finally, some email encryption, while powerful, can be difficult to use. When systems are complex and staff find them tricky to get their head around them, it can lead to encryption being used incorrectly. In other instances, employees may neglect to use it at all. Effectively, this can result in the encryption software leading to potential data leaks.

To get the most out of the protective software you purchase and ensure it is worth what you pay for it, always select encryption designed to be user-friendly.

Easy to use cutting-edge encryption for your firm

CPA-certified by the NCSC, Galaxkey email encryption features formidable three-layer encryption based on the onion model. Offering complete end-to-end encryption, all messages and their attachments are protected. Our system is user-friendly, allowing your teams to add encryption to any communication with a single mouse click.

Along with state-of-the-art encryption, our secure email solution offers enterprises a wealth of useful tools. These include preventing incorrect recipients, email recall and expiry, identity verification, digital signatures, and block forward and reply, among others.

If you’re ready to start using data encryption for your email communications, contact us today for a free 14-day trial.