From the rise of ransomware attacks on enterprises and local councils, to breaches experienced by service giants exposing millions of customer records, the data retained by organisations and local authorities is more at risk today than ever before.

Our increasing use of technology, spurred on by the advantages it can bring and recent events on the world stage like COVID-19, means that far more information is stored and shared in an electronic format than by previous generations.

While cybersecurity measures adopted by firms to protect data must be robust, they do not have to be complicated to use, nor to enforce. In fact, simple but effective solutions are often the most useful as they can be understood and actioned by any member of staff. Overly complex options can slow workflow and even lead to employees using them improperly.

In the following sections, we’ll outline some cybersecurity basics every firm can follow:

Back up all data files and operating systems

It might seem obvious, but if your firm regularly backs up its data, this will ensure it remains resilient whether it is hit by a cyberattack, natural disaster or technical problem. Being able to simply restore systems from a fresh and comprehensive copy has allowed enterprises to provide a seamless service to their clients, refuse ransom demands for encrypted records and beat network infections that have corrupted their files and systems.

Encrypt all communications and saved content

Encryption software locks out unauthorised users, ensuring they can’t read, steal, delete, alter, or tamper with private data, whether in an email or a file stored on a server. Not all encryption software is necessarily equal though, so ensure you select a product that fully encrypts emails, including any attachments and options that are difficult to deploy. Powerful encryption can be userfriendly while still delivering premium protection levels.

Updates are mandatory

Whether it’s the operating system you use or the security programs like antivirus and antimalware, all software and applications must be kept up to date or your firm will be left vulnerable. Regular updates ensure you’ll always be running the most secure versions of software, making certain you’re never exposed to cyberattacks.

Streamline your cybersecurity processes now

At Galaxkey, we have designed a secure platform that offers enterprises, organisations, and local government offices a simple but strong solution with multiple tools that are easy to understand and use.

Safeguarded against numerous user errors, no passwords are stored on our system where they can be stolen, and emails any sent by mistake that contain confidential data can be recalled. Our solution has been developed to keep companies compliant with data regulators and includes useful options like email-time out and tracking that keeps control of confidential information.

Companies seeking a single solution with powerful encryption and electronic signatures will find our platform ticks both boxes. Whether information is at rest or on the move, three-layer encryption and signature verification will ensure only authorised entities can access it.

Contact our expert team today to experience how simple cybersecurity can be with a free 14-day trial.