Lockdown measures enforced by the government to stop the spread of the coronavirus pandemic have required many organisations, institutes and enterprises to adapt to a different approach to standard business processes. To continue normal operations in the wake of the crisis, employees have been forced to relocate from office stations to perform their duties remotely from the isolation of their own homes.

This has been made possible through companies employing the latest IT innovations to ensure their personnel can carry out their roles without disruption to workload. From chat and communication platforms to video conferencing applications, colleagues have been able to keep in constant contact with each other throughout the outbreak, while collaboration software has enabled them to still work effectively as a team regardless of distance.

Although this new approach has proved advantageous in many ways, particularly regarding business continuity, it is not without its problems. IT professionals charged with securing company data are now facing a wave of unprecedented challenges with personnel uploading, sending and sharing enterprise information, often outside of the established secure perimeter.

Ensure data is safeguarded in every state

While employees are working remotely, confidential company information may be sent, stored and shared using a variety of devices. Make sure all data is always protected whether it is being transmitted via emails, shared on collaborative platforms, or stored on smartphones or servers. Encryption software offers a universal solution for data protection regardless of whether it is at rest or in transmission across multiple platforms and devices. When you employ encryption, always ensure it is a user-friendly platform to be certain that staff are utilising it effectively.

Protect your people and keep them informed

Always keep employees up to date with the latest strategies and threats being employed by hackers to exploit online weaknesses and infiltrate company data. From phishing tactics to harvest log-in credentials like usernames and passwords, to lethal links that download malicious ransomware, staff should be on alert and ready to report attacks. Using a secure system that operates using authorised identities rather than passwords for secure access is always a safer option.

Enforce cloud security strategies

When staff are working remotely, the cloud may become your safe place, so bolster your cloud security protocols with encryption to make certain all data uploaded is fully protected and has not been tampered with. Enforce the same level of security for remote access as you implement on premises and safeguard all access points to your company cloud storage. An effective security platform will make company admins aware of any alterations to files prior to upload, ensuring they are safe to store.

Comprehensive data security at your command

At Galaxkey, we have developed a complete security solution providing optimal peace of mind for information officers in charge of sensitive data. And what’s more, at time of writing, we are the only NCSC certified email security product out there. Whether information is at rest or on the move, our secure platform will ensure it is always protected by a robust system featuring three-layer encryption and zero back doors. Ideal for working remotely, the platform offers total security under your control, with no passwords ever stored.

Contact our team to explore how Galaxkey can help your remote workforce keep operating securely.