England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, and Wales all legally recognise electronic/e-signatures. After the introduction of 2016s eIDAS Regulations, e-signatures can help companies collect electronic signatures using compliant and safe methods.

Like England and Wales, Scotland formally recognised the legality of electronic signatures in 2002, following the creation of the Electronic Signatures Regulations that were established after the European Union directive on electronic signatures was successfully passed in 1999. Following the same directive, the Electronic Commerce Act was established, and Ireland made the move to make e-signatures legal a year later in 2000.

Reducing risks with electronic document signing

A common question raised by many is whether an electronic signature can be forged, copied, or misused. However, the reality is that traditional wet ink signatures are far easier to fake and tamper with. Unlike conventional signature solutions, electronic signatures are equipped with multiple layers of authentication and security built in, as well as court-admissible evidence of a transaction taking place.

By design, electronic signatures also feature a permanent digital record that can serve as an efficient audit trail, as well as proof of a transaction. Audit trails can include the full history of all actions and interactions with the document. For example, when the document was opened, when it was viewed and when it was signed. It can also show any amendments and edits that took place and who executed them.

Capturing court-admissible evidence

Using electronic document signing provides users with a completion certificate that provides comprehensive proof of both witnessing and signing by efficiently capturing key transaction data like time stamps and IP address. These details can often serve as fool proof evidence of a transaction in circumstances where a legal dispute occurs.

Are you looking for a dependable digital document signing tool?

So, put simply, yes, digitally signed documents are legally binding throughout the UK and Ireland, and in most of Europe and the Western world.

At Galaxkey, we can provide a state-of-the-art electronic document signing solution that can satisfy all key requirements to ensure legal admissibility. Digital document signing is not only legally recognised but can save companies time and money. Urgent documents and agreements can be completed in a matter of minutes from anywhere in the world, on any devices. Offering greater security than traditional document signing, enterprises are well advised to adopt these innovative options to keep competitive.

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