Millions of emails are released per second every day throughout the world. In many cases, these missives include important documents and files as attachments. However, using standard email systems, this additional content can be under threat from cyberattacks, among other unwanted situations that can arise.

For example, attachments can often be untraceable and in other instances, left unopened and unread with their sender none the wiser. Data regulators are also raising questions on how information is handled, and if a company is found to be non-compliant with the laws regarding protecting people’s personal data when it is contained in attachments, they can face severe fines.

In the following passages, we’ll examine some of the risks for enterprises when they include attachments with unsecured emails.

Uncontrollable content

As soon as you send standard emails, you no longer have control of them or their attachments. From the moment you hit the send icon, any attached documents can be shared, copied, or downloaded endless times. Worse still, if you mistype the recipient’s address and your attachment was sensitive, you have committed a data breach.

Like sending a postcard

Emails that are unencrypted are about as private as postcards. This not only includes the message body but any attached documentation. If an email account is accessed without authorisation, any message you sent will be like an open book for anyone to read, which again can lead to a disastrous data leak.

Unsure if it ever arrived?

Emails can be blocked, sent mistakenly to spam or junk folders, or just left unattended. When senders are transmitting important documents as an attachment, worrying about whether content reached its intended recipient is sure to cause stress. With no way of knowing, the fear that it has fallen into the wrong hands can destroy your peace of mind.

When large files are undeliverable

There is no doubt that many dedicated servers have established limitations when it comes to file size. This means that when an attachment included in an email contains a file that’s too large the message will not be delivered. While this can be easily avoided if you have knowledge of the file size limitations of your company server, it doesn’t account for the size of your recipient’s server limits. If they are smaller than yours, you will be entirely unaware your crucial communication was automatically blocked.

Secure email attachments available

The secure platform developed by Galaxkey effectively mitigates the risks of sending sensitive data in attachments of emails. Our powerful three-layer encryption system based on the onion model, respected as an industry-standard at government level, ensures not just the body content of the email is unreadable to unauthorised entities, but all attachments included with your correspondence. Furthermore, our system has no limitations on the size of files you add, emails can also be tracked, and alerts issued when messages have been received and read. Contact our professional team today to witness a free online demonstration and start emailing with attachments safely.