Many fledgling firms just starting out mistakenly believe that the cybersecurity issues faced by bigger companies simply won’t come knocking at their door. The truth is that threat operators will select targets that include enterprises of all sizes, and data regulators will not go softer on a smaller firm than they will on an established company when it has neglected to take adequate measures.

Public data breaches and fines from the authorities can be extremely damaging to a new company’s reputation when it is struggling to get off the ground. However, the devastation a dedicated assault can cause may be even more extreme, with some firms put entirely out of business after attacks by threat actors like ransomware gangs.

Here, we’ll look at some of the key security measures that start-up companies should consider as soon as they start trading.

Back up your data

Any information and systems your firm needs to operate must be backed up regularly. Not only will this allow you to keep compliant with data regulators by being able to access information upon request, but it will also help you recover from natural and manmade incidents. If your system is infected or becomes damaged, you can restore normal operations simply and swiftly from your backups.

Keep your software and apps in date

From your operating system to the protective software you use like antivirus and antimalware products, make sure all your apps are running the latest version. This will ensure no hackers can exploit vulnerabilities in unpatched software, and gain access to your systems.

Encrypt your data

Employ encryption software for all your communications and data records. If your correspondence is intercepted or your network infiltrated all your data will remain secure, and you will have sidestepped a data leak.

Stay aware

Keep informed of the latest cybercriminal tactics launched against businesses. Phishing emails are one of the main attack vectors for a wide range of assaults, so ensure that you and any staff you employ can identify and know how to report them.

Cybersecurity assistance for start-up businesses

At Galaxkey we are able to offer sapling start-ups a comprehensive data security solution giving them a formidable foundation with cutting-edge protective features. As a start-up, we understand that your company’s skill set may not include information security, so we have created a user-friendly platform that is easy to get to grips with.

Your new company can keep compliant and avoid information leaks by safeguarding the data it retains and uses with powerful encryption. With a few simple clicks, staff can render confidential information inaccessible to unauthorised individuals, whether data is being emailed to clients and colleagues, or uploaded to cloud storage.

Your team will also be able to use electronic signature systems that can validate parties, track documents and complete contracts quickly from anywhere in the world securely, enhancing workflow. For convenience, our versatile security solution can be used on any device, with all major operating systems making it ideal for flexible working.

Contact our team today for a demo and free 14-day trial and keep your new business protected.