The Marlborough Group, a privately owned company employing over 120 staff, has implemented Galaxkey to secure their electronically transmitted communications and sensitive documentation. The group has approximately £6 billion assets under management, operating more than 70 authorised Collective Investment Schemes, including UCITS and AIF structures. The administration of client accounts, Transfer Agency, Fund Accounting, Compliance and Risk, as well as Sales and Marketing are handled at Marlborough’s head office based in Bolton.

Recent hacking incidents publicised in the media have highlighted the need for a more robust and streamlined process for protecting client data when sending documents utilising electronic mail systems.

Marlborough recognised the importance of email and data security when sharing information electronically.  The company dispatches contracts and numerous client sensitive documentation via email which needs to be safe and secure.  For Marlborough the necessity to implement a process to safeguard client data and ensure that their data is only accessible by the intended recipient was emphasised. Moreover, compliance with several regulatory legislations, such as FCA regulations and the Data Protection Act, was also realised as a vital requirement.

Marlborough were in consensus that their current system for password protection required further enhancement and by accomplishing strengthened security processes this would reduce the potential for the loss of data and risk to reputation.

Together Galaxkey and Galaxkey partner, MSS (Managed Security Solutions) UK, were able to deliver the fitting security solution to meet Marlborough’s needs.  MSS specialises in delivering reliable network and information security services within the UK including consultancy services as well as managed security services. Their support aids company’s in achieving an enhanced security posture and improved productivity.

Marlborough had outlined specific criteria required of the solution.  Evaluating and trialling the Galaxkey solution proved positive and Galaxkey were able to address Marlborough’s requirements efficiently. The solution was able to support Marlborough’s existing business processes and client service level agreements whilst proving easy to use, the solution offered a secure mechanism to transmit documents and Galaxkey could also ensure that access to the data was properly controlled.

“Galaxkey understood our business requirement and fulfilled the company’s needs whilst not over-complicating the process” stated a Marlborough representative.

After a successful pilot, using Galaxkey email encryption software, Marlborough has decided to roll out the Galaxkey solution to other areas of their business as well.  Marlborough has also decided to implement Galaxkey Secure Gateway for their new future online dealing service enabling UK clients to place investments into third party fund ranges.

“The Galaxkey product encrypts electronic mail end-to-end and content cannot be compromised. There are no passwords that can be guessed or hacked and the solution ensures that only the intended recipients can open the emails,” a Marlborough representative explained.  He added, “The trial was successful in terms of the ease of use of the software, with good feedback being received from the department and clients who took part in the trial.”

Galaxkey were able to provide Marlborough with an assortment of technical support in the form of documents and videos which enhanced user experience and assisted users to better understand the pilot.  The range of instruction guides was simplistic and encouraged the ease of implementation across departments within the company.

Galaxkey provided a cost effective means of enhancing security of client data and sensitive information and the solution integrated efficiently with existing system processes” clarified a Marlborough representative.

Galaxkey is pleased to have been able to assist Marlborough in enhancing their security processes and look forward to supporting them on their data security journey.


This blog entry has been compiled using information and feedback received from The Marlborough Group after successful implementation of the Galaxkey solution.