Galaxkey, the leading provider of data security solutions, has announced a ground-breaking new integration with Image Analyzer that will revolutionise the way customers secure their sensitive information and protect their employees.

New Integration Provides Revolutionary Solution to Protect Sensitive Information

With this new integration, Galaxkey’s customers will be able to scan any documents uploaded to their Galaxkey Secure Workspace for drugs, extremism, gambling, gore, porn, swimwear, and weapons. The integration will be fully controlled by the Corporate Administrator of their Galaxkey platform. The Corporate Administrator will be able to set policy so that the IA integration scans for one or all pieces of content. From a user perspective, the integration will be seamless. Users will be notified that a new file has been uploaded to their Secure Workspace, and when an attempt is made to open it, they will either be blocked, warned, or given the choice to open, depending on the policy set.

Image Analyzer Provides Visual Content Intelligence Technology to Compliment Galaxkey Workspace Policy & Compliance Technology Stack

Image Analyzer will provide Galaxkey customers with Visual Content Intelligence technology which perfectly compliments the existing Galaxkey Workspace Policy & Compliance technology stack. The importance of identifying, classifying and proactively managing visual content is often overlooked by security vendors, but not by Galaxkey. Failure to manage this type of content can mean that organisations risk damaging company reputation and degrading company culture. Companies have a legal liability and a duty of care to ensure that hostile working environments are not being created, where they are allowed to exist there is also the risk of sexual harassment lawsuits (Vicarious Liability). The U.S. Equal Employment opportunity Commission (EEOC) has stated that the proliferation of pornography and demeaning comments, if sufficiently continuous and pervasive, may be found to create a hostile working environment. An effective preventive program should include an explicit policy against sexual harassment that is clearly and regularly communicated to employees and effectively implemented.

Integration Enables Businesses to Set Policies to Protect Sensitive Information and Employees

Recent studies show that 70% of businesses say they receive significant business benefits from privacy, but with the increase in remote work, the risk of data breaches has increased significantly. The Galaxkey and Image Analyzer integration offers a solution to this problem, enabling businesses to set policies to protect their sensitive information and their employees better.

Galaxkey and Image Analyzer Delighted by Powerful Partnership

Chairman Sir George Zambellas expressed his excitement about the partnership, stating, “I’m delighted by Galaxkey’s powerful partnership with Image Analyzer. Together, we are much more than the sum of the parts: We are simultaneously reinforcing safety and privacy. Image Analyzer brings leading-edge content filtration into the impressive Galaxkey suite of data security products.”

Stephen Tye CEO of Image Analyzer commented “We are delighted to be providing Galaxkey with our AI powered Visual Intelligence Technology which is a perfect compliment to their suite of policy and compliance tools in the Workspace application”.

Galaxkey’s Commitment to Innovation and Partnership Cemented by New Integration

The new integration is set to be released in May 2023 and will be a game-changer for businesses looking to enhance their data security and protect their teams. With the rise in cyber attacks, this integration couldn’t come at a better time, and Galaxkey is committed to helping businesses stay one step ahead of cybercriminals.

This announcement is an excellent example of Galaxkey’s commitment to innovation and partnership, providing customers with cutting-edge solutions that enhance data security. With this new integration, Galaxkey is cementing its place as a leader in data security, and businesses can rest assured that their sensitive information is in safe hands.

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Learn more about how this exciting development can help your business’s data security

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