Galaxkey Visual Threat Intelligence

Protecting Your Data and Your People

Galaxkey Secure Workspace combines data protection, compliance, and secure file transfer. And with Visual Threat Intelligence, Galaxkey now addresses visual threats. This ensures greater security and minimizes more risks.

There’s an increasing need to protect both your data AND your people. We know that securing data and ensuring compliance is vital for any business. But you also need to consider ‘Not Safe for Work’ media. In this context, secure file transfer becomes crucial for allowing safe collaboration with partners, clients and colleagues.

Let’s look into what Not Safe For Work content is, why it’s important to protect against it, and what Galaxkey’s new secure file transfer feature means for your business.

What is Not Safe For Work (NSFW) Content?

Not Safe For Work (NSFW) content refers to material that is inappropriate for a typical work environment. It often includes explicit or graphic material such as:

  • pornography
  • violence
  • gore
  • drugs
  • alcohol

NSFW media is not usually suitable for viewing in professional settings. In fact, its presence can lead to adverse consequences such as sexual harassment lawsuits. It’s serious stuff for organizations and the individuals within them.

Exposure to NSFW content can lead to a degraded corporate culture in the workplace:

  • It can tarnish an organization’s reputation.
  • It can create a hostile working environment.
  • It can result in potential legal liabilities for employers.

In many countries, employers must protect their employees from sexual harassment. Failure to take reasonable steps to prevent it can lead to legal repercussions.

Why identifying and addressing NSFW content is vital

It’s easy to share digital media and, unfortunately, it’s easy for work-related platforms to be misused. As a result, organizations must be vigilant in detecting and promptly removing inappropriate material to maintain a safe work environment.

What’s happening in organizations regarding NSFW content

Many organizations may unknowingly encounter NSFW content within their systems, causing potential risks and consequences:

  • Do they know if they are storing visual content that could be harmful or offensive?
  • Do they know if they are receiving harmful or offensive visual content?

The presence of NSFW content can have severe implications. These range from legal penalties to jeopardizing the well-being of teams and even children.

What impact can NSFW content have on organizations?

1. Legal Penalties: Organizations that fail to address NSFW content could face severe legal consequences, including fines and, in some cases, jail time for not upholding proper content regulations.

2. Protecting Team Members: Exposure to inappropriate material can harm employee morale and well-being, leading to a negative work environment and reduced productivity.

3. Safeguarding Children: Educational institutions must ensure a safe online environment, as accidental exposure to NSFW content can have a devastating impact on students’ emotional and psychological well-being.


Galaxkey Secure Workspace helps organizations combat the risks of data loss and NSFW content.

By detecting visual threats within images, Galaxkey empowers organizations to take action. It allows them to safeguard their data, employees, and workplace culture from potential harm.

Secure Workspace

What is Galaxkey Secure Workspace?

Galaxkey Secure Workspace offers secure file transfer and collaboration. It ensures data remains safe regardless of its location or the devices used to access it. It wraps data in three layers of encryption. It allows you to audit, customise access and scan for viruses. Galaxkey Secure Workspace offers peace of mind and compliance.

What is Visual Threat Intelligence?

Visual Threat Intelligence is a content moderation software that uses advanced artificial intelligence to detect visual threats. It helps organizations protect themselves from Not Safe For Work content.

Key Benefits of Galaxkey Visual Threat Intelligence:

1. Visibility and Control:

Gain deep visibility into your workspace. Identify high-risk images, and maintain complete control over your environment.

2. Actionable Intelligence:

Get insights into your workspace’s health. Perform internal audits, and verify any misconduct, enabling informed decision-making.

3. Policy Enforcement:

Enforce organizational policies by removing inappropriate files. Ensure compliance and foster a safe working environment.

4. Reduced Legal Liability:

Prove your proactive approach to protecting employees from NSFW content. Reduce potential legal liabilities and enhance your organization’s reputation.

5. Unparalleled Accuracy:

Galaxkey’s advanced AI-powered solution delivers unparalleled accuracy with near-zero false positives. Ensure precise detection of visual threats in milliseconds.

6. Customizable Warning and Block Modes:

Choose between warning and block modes to suit your organization’s needs. Warn recipients about inappropriate imagery or block the transmission of NSFW content altogether.

Features for Enhanced Security:

1. Automatic Detection:

Utilizes AI to detect visual threats within images. Images such as pornography, graphic violence, extremism, drugs, alcohol, weapons, and gambling.

2. Time and Effort Savings:

Reduce manual efforts in identifying NSFW media, ensuring efficient monitoring and timely detection.

3. Enhanced Visibility and Insight:

Gain valuable insights into the types of images stored in your workspace. Foster a healthier and more compliant work environment.

4. Robust Policy Enforcement:

Enforce policies by removing inappropriate files, promoting a secure and compliant work culture.

Galaxkey now empowers organizations to tackle the challenges posed by NSFW media . 

By leveraging advanced AI technology, Galaxkey ensures a secure and compliant work environment. Safe data. Safe people.

Take the first step towards a safer workplace. Discover the power of Visual Threat Intelligence with Galaxkey Secure Workspace today.