During September 2022, Sir George Zambellas, Chairman at Galaxkey Ltd, lectured at the Alex Brown Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation at the University of Maryland in Baltimore County, USA, following the kind invitation of the faculty Director, Mr Kevin Fulmer, supported by Vivian Armor, the Program Manager.

The Centre’s motto is that “Entrepreneurship is for everyone” – a powerful message for the UMBC students on courage and imagination, and who follow in the footsteps of an 85,000 strong UMBC alumni base.

In front of an audience of mentors, students and young entrepreneurs, Sir George described his long journey in entrepreneurship, both in and after his career in the Royal Navy, as he moved into the Californian autonomous vessel start-up scene, then data security, encryption and artificial intelligence.

Sir George emphasised the need to accept mistakes as a positive learning experience, and that changing or pivoting the direction of innovation is entirely natural. He gave numerous examples of this.

The student body then pressed Sir George with some searching questions on innovation and technology, international opportunities and – unsurprisingly – the sad loss of Her Majesty the Queen.

The lecture was a great success for all concerned, and Sir George hopes to be able to speak in similar surrounds again in the near future.


Sir George Zambellas is Chairman of Galaxkey Limited, a globally located data security business offering a highly specialised and innovative data privacy solution.

SGZ US Sept 22 1
Sir George Zambellas, Galaxkey Chairman, on his US Lecture Tour Sept-22