Digital signatures are fast becoming a go-to solution for enterprises looking to send sensitive information securely. Offering a way to ensure material is only viewed by authorised individuals and remains unaltered, digital document signing has multiple benefits for businesses. From saving money and time to reducing a company’s carbon footprint, there are many advantages to this cutting-edge option. Read on for six reasons to select digital document signing for your firm:

1. Saving time

Signing documents digitally can save companies time with important contracts completed in seconds. When a document recipient is in a different geographic location, enterprises no longer need to wait until they return from a conference or holiday to acquire an urgent signature. Documents can now be signed off quickly and efficiently anywhere in the world using digital signing.

2. Saving money

Supporting the paperless office, businesses can save on expensive printing materials like ink and paper, as well as unwanted shipping and delivery costs, when they opt to digitally sign documents. Indirect expenditure can also be avoided from no longer needing to file, rekey or archive data.

3. Enhancing workflows

Digital signatures can negate delays, making business processes far smoother. The management and tracking of important documentation are both made easier, taking less effort to complete tasks and causing less disruption to workflow. Multiple features can assist staff involved, from email reminders requesting signatures, to tracking status updates informing what stage of its journey a document is at

4. Improving security

Confidential documents often demand that authentication and security are of prime importance and digital signing reduces risks of alteration or duplication to documentation requiring signature. A digital signature can make sure any signature added has been verified and is legitimate. Signatories are equipped with passwords, codes and personal identification numbers to prove and verify their identities, while timestamping delivers time and date details that are useful for tracking documents and minimising the chance of fraud or tampering. In-built security features embedded within digital signatures can also ensure that documents are not changed without authorisation.

5. Providing legal and future validity

Document signing digitally offers authenticity and makes certain a signature is always verified. Just like a traditionally signed document on paper, this will stand up in a court of law. The capability of digital signatures to be tracked, timestamped and filed also simplifies auditing and adhering to compliancy regulations. Regardless of far-reaching changes to technology, digital signatures will still be applicable in the future, giving documents verified in this way lasting validity.

6. Helping the environment

With more enterprises and institutions increasingly focused on the importance of sustainability, digital document signing can be an essential step towards reducing company waste and taking a greener approach to business.

At Galaxkey, we have created a comprehensive security solution for enterprises who need to send, receive and store documents safely. Employing an agile system that is both simple and effective, businesses can improve their workflow with an array of state-of-the-art features like digital document signing, an innovative answer for confidential contracts and legal notices.