Email is a flexible and dependable communication solution that is easy to use, but it is often preyed upon by threat actors. Cybercriminals of all kinds are well aware that email accounts and the messages they retain, receive and send can be loaded with private information. As a result, infiltrating accounts and intercepting messages are common tactics used by malicious operators.

Fortunately, state-of-the-art features and tools are now available to help enterprises safeguard their company email accounts. Read on for a rundown of six must-have solutions every business should have to protect their data from accidents and incidents.

1. Email encryption

By far the most efficient way of safeguarding the information contained in emails and the accounts that store and transmit them, is to use encryption software. The best solutions will allow you to render your messages entirely indecipherable to all but those with access privileges.

Securing an account with a username and password, and adding multi-factor authentication, can keep most hackers out, but if they are persistent, the emails inside and the information they contain may be exposed. Additionally, while content may be protected within an account, as soon as it is sent, it becomes instantly vulnerable.

If an email is encrypted, however, it remains in a secure wrapper that stays in place whether the message sits in a drafts box for days or is sent halfway around the world.

2. Mail revocation

This feature allows users to not only recall but also revoke access to an email after it has been sent and make it inaccessible to its recipient. This can be an ideal option to avoid data leaks when messages are transmitted to the wrong address.

3. Digital email signing

With an e-signing tool you can ensure that only your intended recipient interacts with your email and knows that it came from a verified sender. It also supplies a trackable record that can provide you with proof for data regulators that you used proper security protocols.

4. Time-out

Email time-out can also be useful for compliance. You can set time limits for access to your secured emails and prove that data cannot be viewed after a specific date and time.

5. Restrict forwards

To ensure emails containing sensitive information are not shared with unauthorised individuals, being able to restrict whether recipients can forward your messages can be an asset.

6. Notifications

Finally, having a reliable alert system can save you time and energy while providing peace of mind and a record of email interactions. Notification will let you know as soon as a secure email has been opened and when it has been viewed.

A comprehensive email security solution for your company

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