With numerous data breaches already claiming headlines around the world, enterprises are advised to start the new year on the right foot and ramp up their protection levels. Regardless of the size of your enterprise, the same risks of a data leak exist and the same fines waiting if regulators find your firm has acted with negligence.

At the start of the first full working week of the year for many organisations, let’s highlight some simple but essential steps every company must consider if they want to enhance their data security onsite and in the cloud in 2022.

Improve secure access

Ensure all information is classified regarding its sensitivity and store it accordingly. Makes sure that data access permissions are only given to staff who require them for their role. Access points are among the most at-risk areas of any network so fortify your defences in these areas. Deploy multifactor authentication methods for access and enforce the use of strong passwords. Never let staff select their own passwords (as many choose weak or obvious ones) and change these credentials regularly for added security.

Back up all data

Data loss is also deemed a data breach by regulators like the UK’s Information Commissioner’s Officer (ICO). To preserve data and ensure your firm can restore any information destroyed or damaged, stick to a strict backup schedule. This includes not just data files but operating systems and company email accounts. In the event of a natural disaster or manmade attack, your data can be swiftly restored.

Deploy encryption

Encryption software is designed to makes certain that private data is never viewed, edited, destroyed, or taken by those without appropriate permission. This solution can make sensitive data entirely illegible whether it is sent in an email or saved on file. Only those issued a decryption key will ever be able to access the information contained, blocking data breaches, and satisfying data protection watchdogs.

The ultimate option for data security, encryption protects the data itself rather than an area on your system, allowing it to be transmitted or transferred safely without ever hampering workflow.

Secure your data in 2022

At Galaxkey, we have streamlined data security processes for firms with our secure workspace. Equipped with an impressive array of innovative tools, our solution is designed to promote robust data security while remaining easy to use.

Our cutting-edge system has been designed to leave no backdoors open to attack and passwords are never stored where they can be stolen. Powerful three-layer encryption can be easily applied to emails and their attachments and any type and size of data file. Fully compatible with leading operating systems and a wide range of devices, your staff can encrypt data whether they are working from home, in the office or on the move.

Engineered in line with data regulations, our solution helps companies keep compliant while our electronic signature tool ensure they can always track and prove security measures were in force when a breach occurs.

If you are ready to start the new year with a formidable data protection strategy in place, contact us today for a free two-week trial.