In light of the further measures advised by the government to slow the spread of COVID-19, many enterprises and organisations are once more adapting the way they work. Where non-essential, firms are being asked to redeploy their staff to remote working situations again – but, since the last time, cybercriminals have not been resting.

Statistics have shown a sharp rise in hacker activity, with many criminal campaigns using the disruption and chaos caused by the coronavirus crisis to shape their insidious attacks. For business resilience, companies must continue to provide the same level of service with a remote workforce carrying out their functions from home, but in doing so, it is essential that security is always a prime concern.

While the latest innovations in IT have made it possible for staff to work effectively and efficiently observing social distancing rules at home, this way of operating throws up obstacles for IT professionals in charge of data security for firms. Unlike onsite, where a secure perimeter can be established and watched, home working scenarios involve staff communicating and sharing company information over a wide range of channels, including chat platforms and emails, while accessing enterprises servers from shared connections.

Keeping data secure at every step

When staff are working from home, private enterprise data can be stored or sent using a range of devices. Firms must make certain that data is secure, whether it is being saved to servers, shared on collaboration and chat platforms or sent via emails. The best answer to this complex data risk is encryption software. Encrypting all data that is stored or sent will ensure it is unintelligible to all but those with appropriate access rights.

Educating your employees on threats

Companies must keep personnel informed on potential tactics used by hackers on home workers. From malicious emails that con staff into downloading infections and ransomware to links that fool them into parting with passwords and usernames, employees should be well aware of the rising risks and be able to recognise attacks.

Bolster cloud security protocols

Companies can make the cloud a secure place when staff must operate remotely by ensuring staff save nothing important locally and ramping up cloud-based security strategies. Secure systems that can discern if data has been altered or damaged before upload and enforce high levels of security at access points to your enterprise’s cloud storage should also be used.

Maximum data security in one place

At Galaxkey, we have built a secure platform that is perfectly suited for organisations with workers placed at home. Effective on a diverse range of devices with multiple operating systems, our platform makes working away from office security easy.

No passwords are ever stored on our system, and any data saved or sent benefits from powerful three-layer encryption based on the government-level onion mode. Exceptionally user-friendly, our encryption tools are simple to use, ensuring they will be employed correctly. Get in touch with our specialist team today to arrange a free 14-day trial and ensure your team are working safely from their home offices.