Being able to begin, carry out and complete projects quickly is a defining characteristic of every successful business. As a result, finding tools that facilitate smooth working processes are in the best interests of all companies keen to keep competitive.

Many firms looking to avoid delays and streamline the way they operate are now opting for electronic document signing over a wet ink approach. In this blog, we’ll look at some of the advantages this solution brings to the table when you want to fast track a project and get it finished on schedule.

Signatures completed in minutes

The painfully slow process of sending documents by post to be signed can have a severe impact on projects. Electronic signing avoids the time, energy and cost involved with booking couriers and specialist mails services for sending secure documents. It allows firms to achieve sign-off in minutes and signatures can be added from any location and at any hour.

Tracking and security

Security checks and keeping on top of the signing process can be time consuming, but electronic document signing can simplify these concerns. Administrators can receive automatic alerts when documents are opened, read, and signed; signatures can be verified easily. Sent in electronic form, documents can also be protected using digital security solutions like encryption to ensure documents remain private.

Working well with others

Electronic document signing can also improve collaboration which is vital when you’re involved in a joint project. It makes it simple for your staff to electronically send a wide range of documents like contracts, purchase orders, invoices, and more. As a result, your personnel can not only work easily and smarter internally but also with a third party.

Working with external contractors and consultants take care and attention when it comes to security. However, with each document sent with encryption deployed, you can make certain that information can only be interacted with by the those you have issued decryption keys to.

Are you ready to access the benefits of electronic signatures?

With an understanding of the need to work efficiently as well as securely in the modern business world, at Galaxkey we have developed an electronic document signing solution above the rest. Compatible with a wide range of different operating systems and suitable for use on a diverse selection of devices, it empowers enterprise professionals and their teams to complete their projects quickly while remaining free from cybercrime.

Our simple to use signing solution protects important documents with robust end-to-end encryption ensuring only the sender and its intended recipient can ever their contents. Any activity within the document is logged with alerts raised. This ensures document legitimacy and makes it easy for admins to track the signatory process. Our innovative tool has been proven to improve office productivity helping staff work faster by 80 per cent and works effectively with PDFs, Word, Excel and PowerPoint, among other common document formats.

For a free 14-day experience of our secure signing solution, get in touch today.