Globe Telecom has stated that its use of technology before and during the coronavirus outbreak has improved business resiliency. Cutting-edge options like digital document signing have allowed it to conduct new projects while its main workforce was able to work from home using cloud migration.

Prepared with all advantages in advance

Being open to adopting the latest technology at the earliest date possible, has enabled Globe to stay resilient not just in terms of internal operations but in its delivery of services as well. When the recent COVID-19 pandemic struck, the telecommunications company based in the Philippines was able to make a smooth and secure transition from an office-based set-up to remote working.

More than 8,000 personnel at Globe were able to relocate to home working instantly using tools they had been already employing since 2013 when the firm made the move to the cloud from an on-premise system. With the most up-to-date solutions under its control, Globe can quickly detect and answer cyber threats while keeping its systems fully operational.

CEO and President for Globe, Ernest Cu commented:

“It’s worth noting that we are able to function as normally as we have before the enhanced community quarantine given that we have not seen each other for over two months now. We were very, very fortunate to have prepared ourselves well for this type of situation.”

The power of digital document signing

Globe’s preparedness in terms of digitalisation and technology is showcased by how it has been able to take part in a joint venture that involved signing a production agreement alongside two US enterprises, while Metro Manilla where it is based in was under Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ). With Globe personnel under lockdown, contracts were completed electronically. After ensuring all documents were legally binding, they were exchanged between all parties involved in the new venture and signed digitally.

Digital document signing is fast becoming the go-to method of legally completing contracts and deeds here in the UK. In the recent COVID-19 crisis, this cost-conscious and timesaving option has proved invaluable for many companies allowing them to maintain safety through social distancing while ensuring business processes are not disrupted. Globe’s ability to advance its future project despite the limitations of lockdown is a testament to the valuable ally digital signing can be for any enterprise looking to thrive.

Shifting to an online work environment has not prevented Globe from remembering that companies are powered by the people who work for them. At the onset of the crisis, the telecom provider created a bot known as “Dude” that runs a daily check on all employees, ensuring they are well and taken care of. If the bot detects an area for concern it triggers an instant response so that help can be given rapidly.

In a recent statement, Cu advised that the way to secure business continuity during any crisis situation is to adapt effectively to shifts not only in technology but in business environments that can be volatile, while at the same time developing new models for business and honing staff skills.