The US media have reported that the former US President, George H. W. Bush, has had his personal emails as well as photographs stolen by a hacker.

The computer hacker invaded email accounts of several members of the Bush family

The emails include addresses and personal details of a number of members of the Bush family.

An investigation is currently under way.

A news website, The Smoking Gun, have come forward saying they’ve had contact with the hacker, who goes by the alias of Guccifer.

Further investigation has revealed a growing victim list.  Other victims are said to include a U.S. Senator, a United Nations official, security contractors in Iraq, FBI agents and a supervisor within the Department of Defence.

The breaches are thought to have started in 2012 with infiltration into the email accounts of the Bush family, including Dorothy Bush, sister of George W Bush as well as the emails of family friends.

A trove of sensitive emails, documents and photos have been exposed to the hacker.

A motive for the hacks has not yet been revealed however it seems that certain targets were identified by the hacker’s scrutiny of email accounts that had already been compromised.

This could all have been avoided through proper use of encryption of emails and documents.  Galaxkey is a robust encryption technology, effortless to deploy and operate. Through the use of Galaxkey this would not have occurred.

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