18 June 2012

The Information Commissioners office (ICO), has released a security guide suitable for small and medium sized organisations.

The guide is a helpful tool explaining steps that can be taken to improve the IT security within businesses. By taking the necessary steps to effectively secure data, organisations can prevent data breach and unnecessary harm caused to the individuals entrusting their sensitive data to the organisation.

Businesses should be considering all the security options available as serious data breach could cost them a monetary penalty of up to £500,000. If this is not motivation then what is?

In less than 2 years the ICO have handed out penalties exceeding £1.5 million in total to organisations failing to ensure that they have the measures in place to secure individuals personal information.

Ensuring that people’s data is secure at all times should be part of good business practice. Even the smallest of businesses need to be knowledgeable of the Data Protection Act and be aware of their responsibilities with regards to people’s data.

The guide is a good starting point and a step in the right direction for many businesses.

Follow the link to view the guide.

Informations Commissioners Office (ICO)