In a digital age, many businesses have left themselves vulnerable to information breaches which can prove costly.

It’s vital to have a secure system in place for storage and processing of your information. A leak or hack could result in serious issues such as identity theft, financial loss and losing confidential information – as well as placing your company in danger of being prosecuted.

Your business documents are shared in a variety of places, including across emails, USBs, the cloud network and more. All of these methods are vulnerable to attack, which is why it’s important to invest in an additional layer of protection. A secure file solution is ideal for storing, signing and sharing documents whilst keeping them protected – ensuring that your business can keep information secured for compliance and commercial reasons at all times.

What Are The Benefits Of Document Security?

There are many advantages to implementing document security in your workplace. As well as increasing confidence in your security processes, the software can improve productivity and speed up processes within the workplace. See some of the top benefits a document security solution could bring to your business:

Simple & Quick Set-Up

Document security solutions are easy to implement in your workplace and quick to train your team on. With a simple drag and drop, your team members can move a file on their desktop into their personal vault and achieve automatic encryption. This file remains encrypted no matter where it’s moved unless reverted back to its original state.

Take Your Company Paperless

Sign your papers digitally, allowing you to move away from printing and the exhaustive storage of carbon copies. This digital documentation solutions increases efficiency, as well as saving you the cost of printing resources.

Work Flexibly

Your document security solution can be configured to work within a Dropbox folder or Google Drive, letting your team work collaboratively and flexibly from their computer.

Secure Network Data

Keep your entire business’ data secure with network level GCV that encrypts all the files and folders within. This solution is a quick and effective way to secure your entire company’s networked data in a matter of minutes.

Invest In Information Security Today

Galaxkey are experts in providing industry-leading end-to-end security across multiple platforms. We help businesses transform their security processes by securing emails, documents and safe collaboration space within your internal team. Our document security solutions can help you control and protect your data on your own terms and means that secure data is always available whenever and wherever you want it.

Our solutions are simple to install and easy to adapt to your existing processes, meaning your team can embrace data security quickly with minimal training. To find out more, get in touch with our skilled consultants today by calling 0333 150 6660, emailing or contacting us via the online form, here. Our friendly team can help you book a demonstration, allowing you to see the benefits of our software first-hand.