The ability to operate swiftly and effectively is key for any business to succeed. However, it is equally vital that when business processes involve data sharing, all information must be protected.

Signing documents is a common function performed by enterprise personnel, but using an electronic solution can ensure tasks are completed quickly and more efficiently and that the data involved is always secure. Additionally, companies can experience financial gains in both the short and long-term that can help them grow their businesses.

Read on for an in-depth look at why electronic document signing is now essential.

Powerful protection

Unlike conventional document signing, e-signatures offer greater security. Confidential documents are safeguarded with identity-based protection that ensures no unauthorised individual can interact or access with them. Additionally, document recipients can feel equally sure that the document originated from a trusted source. Digital signatures can eliminate phishing and spoof emails and protected with encryption, keep data safe whether documents are at rest or in transit.

Advanced efficiency

To stay at the forefront of their field, enterprises must work at optimum efficiency. Paper contracts, purchase orders and invoices that require a signature can take weeks to complete, while an e-signature can be added in minutes.

Completed online, this innovative option also allows business to be concluded from any location around the world on any device ensuring greater flexibility and no unnecessary delays.

Keeping competitive

Using e-signatures over traditional wet ink options reduces a wide range of costs for companies. Completing documents electronically means you never pay for the price of printing materials and equipment or expensive courier services, thus improving your bottom line.

A far greener option, companies can also lower their carbon footprint with electronic document signing, making them stand out from their rivals as a forward-thinking firm.

Electronic document signing made simple

If you are ready to enhance the way you operate by using an electronic document signing solution, we can help. At Galaxkey, we can offer you a simple-to-use e-signature tool that ensures you can quickly complete important documentation in minutes and keep its content secure with powerful end-to-end encryption.

If you’re ready to save time and money for your firm and work using more efficient and secure methods that keep your data safe and your company compliant, contact us today. Our expert team is ready to set you up with a free 14-day trial so you can explore the benefits of electronic document signing first-hand.