Email is one of the primary communication solutions for your business and is one of the most common channels for information sharing – yet many businesses do not take the time to ensure the security of their email system.

Without using a secure system your business is vulnerable to data leaks and hacks. Fortunately, an efficient information security solution can protect your company’s valuable data assets and prevent any attacks from taking place.

How Does An Email Security Solutions Work? 

An email security solution primarily focuses on encrypting your data. The platform works diligently in the background of your existing software networks, seamlessly servicing compatible devices including Outlook, iOS, Android and Windows.

The solutions work on a one-click encryption basis, meaning that your emails and files can be sent securely and giving a safe working environment for your business at all times. Email security solutions contain a variety of features including mail time-out, revoking access to sent emails, notifications, digital signage of emails, authorised data distribution, policy management, GDPR compliance and email priority classification. These advanced features give you full and granular control of your email allowing you to perform advanced functions like blocking emails with certain keywords and phrases, controlling the number of views of an email your recipient can have and blocking recipients from forwarding emails and attachments – allowing you to retain complete control of your data.

Who Are Email Security Solutions Ideal For?

An email security solution is vital for companies who handle and transfer sensitive data. This can be across a range of industries including health, education, government, legal, finance, utilities and defence. The email security solution provides complete protection and instils an unparalleled level of confidence in your data security. The flexibility of the email software makes it easily adaptable to suit a range of businesses – any company, no matter what size or sector, can benefit from the advantages it brings.

Invest In Email Encryption Solutions Today

Here at Galaxkey, our industry-leading consultants specialise in providing bespoke email security solutions to suit your business. Our adaptable email security solutions work across a wide range of platforms, helping your business to transform their security processes through email security and additional features like document security and safe collaboration workspaces for your own internal teams. Our email security solutions can help you control and protect your data on your own terms and means that secure data is always available whenever and wherever you want it.

Our emails solutions are simple to set-up and easy to adapt to your existing communication processes and policies, meaning your team can embrace data security quickly with minimal training. To find out more about our email solutions, get in touch with our skilled consultants today by calling 0333 150 6660, emailing or contacting us via the online form, here. Our friendly team can help you book a demonstration, allowing you to see the benefits of our email software first-hand.