Digital document signing is an effective option for companies looking for a way to send and receive confidential information and feel safe in the knowledge that it will stay secure. Digital signatures can provide peace of mind for enterprises, as they can make sure content contained in documents is only ever seen by individuals with appropriate access rights. They can also ensure that any material contained within a dispatch has not been tampered with at any point along its journey.

In the following passages, we’ll explore three of the key benefits for firms adopting digital document signing software for as part of their business processes.

Streamlining workflow

Digital document signing solutions can lessen unwanted delays, leading to smoother workflow. The handling and tracking process for confidential documents is also far lower maintenance, requiring less work to achieve objectives and causing minimal disruption to staff. Digital document signing options are also often packed with features that can help personnel in their roles. These include status updates for tracking the journey of documentation and signature request reminders via email.

Saving time and money

Signing documents digitally can allow enterprises to save time, with critical contracts and other transactions completed far quicker. This is particularly pertinent when a required signee is absent or based in a remote location. Prior to development of digital signing technology, an enterprise could wait days for secure documents to be couriered across the world. Digital signatures also save significant costs for companies. Not only do they avoid hefty courier charges, but they also allow businesses to go paperless, cutting out expenses for printing supplies like paper and toners.

Providing greater security

Documents containing private and confidential data commonly require airtight security. Authentication by digital signature can deliver this, eliminating risks of tampering and copying as they require an authorised signature before documents can be viewed. An additional benefit of digital signatures is that they can ensure any signature given is fully verified and legitimate.

Those signing can be equipped with codes, passwords and even unique personal identification keys that can prove their valid identities. Acts of signing are also timestamped, providing time and date information to help those tracking documents to see when they have been signed, as well as acting as proof of delivery. Digital document signing solutions also include cutting-edge features that can show if documentation has been altered or interfered with in any way.

At Galaxkey, we provide a cutting-edge document signing service to our clients. Readily available as part of our Enterprise Cloud license, we offer a solution that enables users to both request and create electronic signatures. Our system has been engineered to help enterprises enjoy the multiple advantages listed here, from saving time and costs to greater flexibility in terms of location and personnel productivity.

Whether your enterprise or institution operates in the educational, healthcare, banking or legal sector, we can empower you with the benefits of digital document signing. Get in touch with our professional staff today to experience state-of-the-art digital document signing tools and to ramp up security on all your important contracts.