From chat applications to dedicated platforms offering video and audio options, there are a wealth of new communication methods open to enterprises, but despite this, corresponding by email is still the first choice for many businesses.

Content shared in emails can contain personal and sensitive details, or include attachments displaying confidential company data. This may include everything from contractual agreements to financial statements, so it’s essential that information transmitted by email is always secure.

Enterprise email accounts are regularly targeted by hackers who use a variety of strategies, from phishing tactics to malware downloads, for their criminal purposes. Commonly, they steal user credentials, infiltrate company servers and access private data. This threat makes it crucial that company emails have the highest level of protection possible.

From secure desktop platforms and content encryption, to digital signing and classification systems, there are multiple ways to enhance the security of your company’s incoming and outgoing emails. Read on for some of the advantages of stepping up your protection for this vital but vulnerable form of communication:

1. Powerful encryption for constant protection

Encrypting emails can make sure that if a user account is accessed via hacker infiltration or a stolen device, any content within them cannot be read. Whether the emails are being stored or have been sent, they are always completely secure. Even when sensitive emails have been deleted from mailboxes, they are often still stored in back-up mail servers. If these servers are hacked, confidential data thought safely destroyed can still be stolen. Data encryption can prevent this, rendering all information inaccessible to those without authorisation.

2. Peace of mind with digital sign and notifications

Digital signing features offer a new level of reassurance for email recipients. Engineered as an anti-spoofing tool, digital sign for email allows users to be sure the copy and attachments contained in mail have not been altered and have originated from a verified sender. Notification features are equally useful, allowing senders to confirm when their important emails have reached intended recipients.

3. Total control of data flow

Increased email security solutions can offer companies complete control over their confidential data. From being able to classify emails with different labels denoting protection levels, to setting how long a message can be accessed, IT professionals can manage dataflow more securely with a host of tools. The journey of an email can be monitored and managed at every step, showing notifications at each point permissions are requested and given, and blocks can even be enforced to stop emails being forwarded on.

Cutting edge security in your corner

At Galaxkey, we have designed a secure email platform that offers users a comprehensive communication solution in an easy-to-follow format. Whether emails are in transit or at rest, our powerful encryption will ensure all information contained within, including any attached files, will remain entirely secure.

Developed specifically to be fully compatible with major mail applications and operating systems, it can be rolled out across all company devices, so you can ensure your employees are always messaging safely wherever they are working from. Get in touch today to explore the benefits of end-to-end encryption.