Based on experience and areas of expertise, cybersecurity professionals all possess a unique viewpoint on the most effective protocols to protect companies from data loss and leaks. This being said, one area in which all experts agree is that the most efficient way to secure private information is using encryption.

This type of software has been designed specifically to render sensitive data indecipherable to all but those authorised to view and use it. Whether information is being sent in an email transmission or stored in a company’s dedicated data vault, all content encrypted will be protected from prying eyes. However, all encryption options are not engineered equally, so buyers must make sure they understand what level of security they are paying for.

Read on for three key considerations for companies looking to kit out their staff with an encryption solution:

1. Is the encryption method user friendly?

While powerful, tough-to-crack encryption is essential for a solution to be useful, software must be easy for onsite staff to use. Complex encryption processes can lead to personnel using software incorrectly, rendering it ineffective, so ensuring the software you buy has been designed with everyday users in mind is always a wise move. This can also save time for information security teams, as less training is required for other teams to learn how to encrypt data.

2. Are emails fully encrypted?

Always make sure that not just the body copy of emails will be encrypted by the software supplied, but any attachments you are sending as well. Attached documents are often the most sensitive elements of emails, containing company contracts, staff records stuffed with personal information, and client invoices including financial details.

3. Does the software provide end-to-end encryption?

End-to-end encryption is a communication system that ensures only communicating users are able to read correspondence, preventing eavesdroppers from intercepting data by accessing cryptographic keys required to decipher their contents. This includes third-party firms like internet and telecom providers, but also cybercriminal entities like hackers and ransomware groups.

End-to-end encryption is designed to prevent private data being viewed, stolen or covertly altered by any individuals other than the recipient(s) and original sender. All messages are fully encrypted by the originator so that third parties have no means of decryption. Messages are stored in encrypted form and intended recipients can retrieve the encrypted information and decrypt it when ready. It is therefore vital that any software selected provides end-to-end encryption.

Comprehensive encryption from Galaxkey

Our secure platform has been designed to equip enterprises and organisations with cutting-edge encryption that is easy to use. Employing the three-layer system perfected in the government-approved onion model, our solution provides powerful encryption for all data, whether it’s at rest or in transit. Incredibly simple to apply, your employees can encrypt files and communications with a single click, and any email attachments are included in the process.

If you’re looking for a user-friendly option that offers end-to-end encryption, contact our expert team today to arrange a free online demonstration. Alternatively, explore our solution yourself with a free two-week trial.