In today’s fast-paced business world, data is the new currency. Enterprises are generating and managing large volumes of data daily, and to stay ahead, they must move it seamlessly between locations. However, data movement is not without its challenges.

Files may need to be shifted within a company network or sent to external parties beyond the secure system. Sharing data with colleagues and outside experts like consultants is also necessary. And, it’s imperative to ensure that data is securely stored at all times.

Unfortunately, data breaches continue to pose a significant threat to businesses. In 2022 alone, the average global cost of a data breach was $4.35 million, a 2.6% increase from the previous year. Moreover, the average time to identify and contain a data breach is 277 days, a shocking statistic that demonstrates the urgent need for secure data transfer solutions.

Enterprises need to leverage advanced secure file transfers that support automation, scalability, and security. Automated solutions can streamline workflows, reducing human error and saving time. Scalable solutions can handle large volumes of data, ensuring that businesses can keep up with their growth. And secure solutions can protect data at rest and in transit, safeguarding sensitive information from prying eyes.

The key to success in today’s data-driven economy is to leverage advanced file transfer solutions that are scalable, automated, and secure. By doing so, enterprises can remain agile, respond to changing market conditions, and stay ahead of the competition.

Store data files safely

Secure data transfer ensures that files are always stored safely when at rest. Rather than simply safeguarding an area of your network with access permissions, the data itself is secured with end-to-end encryption. This ensures that even if the data is stored incorrectly in a vulnerable part of your system, it will remain protected, with no one but those in possession of the designated decryption keys able to view or interact with it.

Additionally, if a threat operator manages to enter your system unlawfully to steal data, the information will remain illegible to them, preventing any compromise.

Share data files securely

Secure transfer solutions facilitate safe collaboration. You might be uploading files to a shared server, the cloud or simply attaching them to an email. With this form of transfer, files can be shared securely with data protected for not only its journey but also when at rest at the beginning and end of transmission. You can select who is given a public decryption key that allows them to view or manipulate the data, ensuring that if the files are mistakenly sent to an incorrect recipient or shared with the wrong outside contractor, no data breach will occur.

Track files anywhere

Companies looking to cover themselves and stay compliant will find a secure file transfer solution invaluable. Solutions include powerful tracking features that offer a comprehensive record of the complete journey of a data file. This makes sure that firms are able to prove that they have taken every precaution when transmitting sensitive information. This can help them avoid expensive fines from data regulators in the event of a breach or leak.

Try Secure File Transfers today

At Galaxkey, our secure data transfer solution offers state-of-the-art protection while remaining user-friendly. At the heart of our solution is our proprietary three-layer end-to-end encryption model, which keeps attackers out of your data when it is stored or being shared or sent.

Our solution can secure data files on both Mac and Windows machines and protect them when uploaded to cloud storage such as Dropbox or Googledrive. With a single click of your mouse, you can encrypt data files and track them whether you are moving them within your closed network or beyond. With no limit on file size, our system can handle any data volume you require.

Don’t leave the security of your sensitive data to chance. Try our secure data transfer solution today and rest easy knowing your files are always safe and protected.