If your business involves a process where a large volume of physical documents must be managed daily, it’s well worth considering using digital signatures instead.

This innovative approach will not only help you achieve a paperless workplace that’s kinder on the environment, but it can also enhance productivity by improving workflow, leading to savings in both money and time for your firm.

Another major advantage of using digital document signing is the greater levels of enterprise security delivered. Being able to use state-of-the-art solutions for signing can empower you with the ability to safeguard all data your company is responsible for, whether it’s being sent or stored.

A digital signature is essentially a mathematical code capable of proving the authenticity of any electronic messages or digital documents that allow you to sign when necessary via electronic means and can validate the individual who is signing. Often, these digital signatures are compared to our own unique fingerprints, as they also possess individual data characteristics employed for effective identification.

When your company needs to send data and documents securely, here are three reasons why this can be an exceptional option for your enterprise:

1. Rapid responses from around the world

Unlike the multiple stages of completing written transactions using traditional methods, sending data and documents that require a signature using a digital solution is simple and swift. Signatures can be acquired in seconds, actioned using a simple mouse-click for those authorised to do so. Unlike the lengthy process of booking international couriers, secure document signing can be easily arranged and managed by your enterprise staff, saving costs.

2. Facilitating workflow

With urgent and important document transfers completed far more quickly, digital signatures can’t help but streamline and enhance your enterprise’s process. Avoiding delays while making tracking the transmission of data far simpler and speedier, processes that once took months to complete can be actioned in considerably less time. Digital signatures and the documents to which they are attached are also much easier to store and search for than their physical equivalents, making it simpler to keep compliant with data regulations.

3. Strengthening security

Digital document signing decreases the risk of alteration or duplication of content and all signatures given can be verified for legitimacy, as each secure document is safeguarded with a seal that alerts the sender when a document has been tampered with, or simply signed by the correct recipient.

With an understanding of the multiple benefits of digital signatures in mind, at Galaxkey we have developed our secure platform to feature a dedicated solution for secure signing. Our innovative toolkit will provide you with all you need to ensure any data transmitted, whether it’s a private contract or financial record containing PII, stays safe from unauthorised entities. Along with secure signing capabilities, all content contained in your correspondence will always remain illegible to prying eyes, with powerful encryption, whether it’s being sent via email or at rest in an outbound server.

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